Broad description of course (after melody and darrel)

Do you want this kind of teamwork, intimacy, and fun in your relationship?

Are you hoping and praying for a better relationship? That’s good! Now it’s time to act and create the relationship you want!

You might not be as far gone as Melody and Darrel, or you might be past that, already divorced but having to “get along” to manage child custody and parenting.

It sounds crazy, but I know I can make the same great results happen for you and your relationship.

But let’s start from where you are, Right Now.

Be honest with yourself, what do you want to do? Do you want to save your relationship? Or are you really just done and just looking for my blessing to end things?

Because if you want to turn your relationship from Suffering to Synergy, here is what I want you to know.

You can do it.

You are worth it.

You deserve a happy, healthy relationship. You are never too old or too tired to give a marriage or partnership new life! It may sound too good to be true, but there are no impossible situations, only more complex ones.

You are not the first person who has told me they can’t do this. I have heard almost every excuse in the book.

Not only is this possible, it’s predictable.  There is hope.  It isn’t as scary as you might think. All you need is a little guidance and slowly but surely, we will have you planning for the future instead of living in the past.  It’s not magic, although it sometimes seems that way.

This course will give you results:

  • Learn the best way to get what you need without offending your partner.
  • Reconnect with your core self.
  • No more fear, No more lies, No more unspoken expectations.
  • Build a better future together.
  • Stop being green with envy every time you spot a happy couple.

I can help you. I will show you the steps if you are willing.

The truth about relationships is, some people are just naturals.  I wasn’t

I had to learn this too, then I perfected the system with 20 years of one-on-one coaching in real-world relationships.

With my unique, insightful and powerful secrets to attracting love and making relationships work, I have helped hundreds of people just like you.  Will you allow me to help you now?

I really want you to be successful.

This course contains the most important and practical insights, skills and realizations that have made the biggest difference for my clients.  I have included everything I know about how to keep relationships together…and putting them back together after they have come apart, while deepening intimacy and fun!

I have refined, researched, tested and developed this material for decades.  This course is the culmination.

This is what I can deliver to you, in practical, immediately beneficial action steps.

Empower you to make the changes you want.

Once you learn and apply the lessons you have learned from my course, I promise you, you’ll turn this living nightmare around and start to make real gains almost immediately!

The secrets I am going to teach you are surprisingly simple, straightforward, and learnable.

In the course, you will learn:

Triage – How to stop the bleeding in a damaged relationship. You’ll learn to diffuse arguments before they start. You’ll minimize or eliminate problems entirely. You’ll find you can skillfully influence your partner’s behavior and actions.  You’ll find new perspectives and new choices by looking at issues from different angles.

Principles – This system is going to arm you with a few simple, powerful techniques.  I’ll teach you what you need to do and when to do it.  We’ll fix a broken relationship and get you and your partner back in the game. (even after they have quit.)

You’ll gain understanding of what makes them “tick”…the little details that really make things work.

To Be Prepared – With this course, you can stop divorce dead in its tracks. I’ll share with you exactly what ingredients are involved in a successful marriage.  The best techniques and methods your marriage or partnership needs to make positive changes, fast.

Strategies — what to say, how to say it, the optimum right time.

The missing pieces that have, and will trip you up on your path to thriving.

Mindset – Get your head on straight – we’ll get you in the right frame of mind.  I’ll teach you fundamental values, communication, and relationship skills.

We’ll evaluate, change and improve your outlook on life and relationships.

You’ll re-learn new life skills that will make a difference and give you a solid foundation from which to build.

We’ll tackle the core of your crisis and get the love back in your life.

Immediate Benefits – My system worked wonders from the first step with Melody and countless other clients.

I can deliver the same great results for you and your relationship…fast. We’ll “Work smarter” and change the momentum of your relationship now.

You can achieve immediate results with this “love-changing” system.

Never again – Avoid the agony of divorce, and all the painful fallout that will produce. Get the skills to make sure you never go into “crisis mode” again.  Your marriage or partnership is never going to be vulnerable to the pain and risk of breakup or divorce.

I promise you, this will change your life, your partnership, your happiness…forever.

I will help you out of this mess so that these recurring arguments are only a distant memory.  You will win the heart, soul and mind of the one you love back into your arms.

You will create the strong, intimate, fulfilling relationship you have always wanted.  This is the stuff your priest and your parents never taught you.

I will not be surprised if you get a little freaked out about just how well it works.

Even if you are in the “Red zone.”  Even if you feel like you are in a battle with your partner. Even if you feel like you are trying to salvage a marriage or partnership. No matter how long it has been broken and even if your partner doesn’t want to do it….this system can work.

Here is the outline for Creating Thriving Partnerships – An Advanced Course

5 keys to creating thriving partnerships

  1. Conscious Relating
    • REALITY and Perspective between People
  2. Intentional Relating
    • Using Reason to Transcend Our Own Patterns
  3. Authentic Relating
    • Responsibility-Honoring Self-I You US
  4. Evolving Relating
    • Right/Right Respect and Synergistic Agreements
  5. Transcendent Relating
    • Realization of Love, Depth, and Intimacy
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