24 Session Outline of Creating Thriving Partnerships: An Advanced Course

<h2>24 Session Outline Of 5 Keys To Creating Thriving Partnerships</h2>
1. Clarity, Commitments, And The 5 Keys To Creating Thriving Partnerships
<h3>Biggest Bang For Your Buck practical insight and integration</h3>
2.  The Victim Self-Righteousness Dynamic & Right/Right Relating
3. Presume Positive Purpose
4. The Synergy Process – Building Win/Win Agreements
<h3>A. Reality: Conscious Relating</h3>
5. The 3 Spheres Of True Partnership
<h3>B. Reason: Intentional Relating</h3>
6. Empowering And Inspiring Stories
<h3>C. Responsibility: Authentic Relating</h3>
7. Integrity And Authenticity
8. Honoring Self-I You Us
9. The Journey To Interdependence
<h3>D. Respect: Evolving Relating</h3>
The DEAR Process – Conflict to Cooperation
10. Problems Are The Solution
11. DEAR – D – Declare – E – Explore
12. DEAR – A – Amends – R – Recommit renegotiate
13. Artistry in DEAR – The Coaching
<h3>E. Realization: Transcendent Relating</h3>
14. What Why & How of Intimacy: cycles of intimacy
15. Game of intimacy first 4 rules
16. No Shaming & No Hiding – Own Your Truth
17 Artistry in Intimacy
<h3>F. Sex Romance and Commitment</h3>
18. Romance – Masculine Feminine, Men and Women
19. Sexuality I: Freedom and Passion
20. Sexuality II: Fucking, Sex, & Making Love
<h3>G. Integration – Practical Skills</h3>
21. Bring it all together – R to the Fifth Power
22. Red Zone Practices
23. Becoming the person who attracts the relationship you want.
24.  Thrive Checklist: Review and Renew Your Partnerships

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