The Course – A Lesson by Lesson Breakdown:

Section 1 – The Choice To Move From Suffering To Synergy

Lesson 1

The most important choice you’ll ever make in partnership

In this lesson you will crystallize your understanding of what it takes to succeed. At the end of the lesson, you and your partner will both know if this is the program for you and be energized to move forward with clarity.
This lesson includes invaluable tools and skills that you can use in ANY important context in your life, in which the next decision you make, or fail to make will have results that you will be responsible for…for the rest of your life.

  • Skill- Master the Power of: What, How, Why and Will. Learn to make important decisions powerfully.

Lesson 2

Moving From Right/Wrong To Right/Right Relating

In this lesson you will learn about the single most destructive dynamic in all of human relationships, and how to identify it (in yourself, your partner, and in all of your relationships). Once you have learned it, you will be taught how to bypass it and transform how you deal with relationships permanently. This skill is essential for Thriving Partnerships, and is infinitely useful for anyone in business, who has a family, or who works with people. It is a universal relating skill.

  • Skill- The Victim Self-Righteousness Dynamic. Understand, Integrate, Transform.

Lesson 3

Presuming Positive Intention

In this lesson you will learn about the single most useful frame to approach any relationship and get positive results. This lesson is especially important for relationships in which trust and ease are no longer functioning. If you feel like you are getting the opposite of what you want from your partner, this is a tool and skill that you need to learn, to transform your experience, so that you can get what you want from your relationship.

  • Skill- Presuming Positive Intention. Transforming your expectations, and triggering positive results. (This skill is essential for building positive relationships with children, and is especially useful for parents).

Lesson 4

The Synergy Process: Creating Win-Win Agreements

This lesson addresses issues that arise when partners have a low level of skill in creating agreements. Relationships that demand compromise thereby producing unsatisfying or “losing” results for each partner will find significantly more pleasurable and successful outcomes as a result of using this tool. If agreements are either being broken, evaded, or constantly renegotiated this skill set will be invaluable for you. It is also an essential skill for parents and business people who find themselves negotiating important decisions.

  • Skill- The Synergy Process: Creating Win Win Agreements

Bonus Lesson – Lesson 13

Artistry In The Synergy/Yes D.E.A.R Process

This Bonus Lesson focuses on artistry in the Synergy process. It is also Lesson #13 in the Creating Thriving Partnerships Course, so it leverages some of the more advanced techniques of the course. It shows you how you can build and re-invigorate integrity in your agreements, understanding with your partner, and trust in the partnership.

  • Skill- Avoid the “losing move.” Multi-dimensional communication. “The Coaching” that Mark uses for EVERY relationship issue.

Creating Thriving Partnerships: Suffering to Synergy

Lessons 1-4 Plus Bonus Lesson 13!

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The 4 lessons of Suffering To Synergy (Plus the Bonus) are the introductory course. They are the first 4 lessons of the full course. Creating Thriving Partnerships: An Advanced Course for Successful Relationships. The remaining 20 lessons are described below.

Lesson 5

Reality: The Three Spheres of Thriving Partnerships – Conscious Relating

The relationship between reality, what you think reality is, and what your partner thinks reality is, holds the potential for tremendous joy and happiness, but also pain and suffering. Learn a simple and profound model to give you insight into these fundamental issues at the heart of all partnership. In the process discover the difference between pseudo-intimacy and true intimacy, especially how you can systematically create it.

  • Skill- Learn your positions of power, as a result of integrating the understanding of how your relationship to reality is different from other people, as explained in this model.

Lesson 6

Reason: Empowering and Inspiring Stories – Intentional Relating

This lesson will be especially helpful for people who are struggling with elements of control. If you find yourself constantly disappointed, or struggling to manage your partners unreasonable expectations, this lesson will give you skills and tools to address that directly. This lesson will allow you to free yourself to be more authentic, and aware of what is possible through conscious intention. Desire alone is not enough to make a partnership thrive. Learn the profound impact that having discipline in your thoughts can have on your relating experience.

  • Skill- Developing, organizing and empowering your mind through conscious discipline to produce inspiring results. Integrating mental tools to move from Unconscious Implicit Expectations to Conscious Explicit Agreements.

Lesson 7

Responsibility, Integrity, and Authenticity

If you feel like you are walking on eggshells, avoiding topics, and generally feeling disempowered by important topics in your relationship, it is likely that there is a lack of Authenticity in your relating. This lesson is about learning how to act with greater precision in service of what truly matters to you, so that you can design a thriving relationship that is about responsibility and Integrity.

  • Skill- Fully integrate the concepts of personal responsibility and integrity. Learn to differentiate between your Me and your Mask. Reprogram your reflexes to show up authentically and create greater ease and grace in all aspects of your life and relationship.

Lesson 8

Honoring the Integrity of the ‘I’, the ‘You’ and the ‘Us’

Do you feel like you give and give, and don’t get anything back? Do you feel like your partner is selfish, or inconsiderate? Are you struggling with understanding when you are supposed to say yes, and when you are supposed to say no? Do you have role models who were martyrs and tyrants? Do you want to break out of unconscious social paradigms that are no longer relevant?

  • Skill- Learn to give yourself permission to want and achieve your deepest desires in partnership while honoring and supporting your partner and your relationship in their highest ideals.

Lesson 9

The Journey to Interdependence

Successful Interdependence is the goal of Thriving Partnerships. This lesson explains the flavors of dependence that act as potential detours on the journey to Interdependence. As you learn to identify them, you can learn to transcend the traps they represent and include the desire for connection they represent.

  • Skill- Integrate the power of independence and its relationship with authenticity, integrity, and responsibility. The mindset that creates the stages of synergy, interdependence, and true partnership.

Lesson 10

Problems Are The Solution: Boundaries, Emotions and Agreements.

In non-thriving relationships, problems typically lead to suffering and lose/lose results that build resentment. In thriving partnerships problems become an opportunity to understand and honor our partner’s unspoken values – and for them to understand ours – so that we can we can build win-win solutions that deepen our partnership.

  • Skill- Learn how to experience your emotions as messengers that motivate you to create win/win agreements that honor your deepest values.

Lesson 11

The Yes DEAR Process And The Declare Step

Lesson 12

The Yes D.E.A.R Process – Explore, Amends, and Recommit/Renegotiate

Lesson 13

Artistry In The Yes D.E.A.R Process

Lessons 11-13 offer you the greatest tool of the course, and one of the most useful contexts for transforming conflict into cooperation. This 5 step communication process is designed to offer you a reproducible template for successfully negotiating the most complex, frustrating and poorly managed aspects of your relationship. This process is so important, there are 3 lessons devoted to it. This skill set is the foundation for how you will engage with all future challenges in your relationship. The third lesson in the series focuses on artistry in the process, and how you can rebuild the trust, integrity, and lived experience of teamwork with your partner.

  • Skill- The Yes DEAR process. Communication tool for managing conflict and reestablishing equilibrium when there is an upset in the relationship.

Lesson 14

Realization– The Cycle of Intimacy and the Dance of Vulnerability.

Do you miss feeling close to your partner? Has it been so long since you have looked into your partners eyes, and felt that they were really looking into your soul, that you can hardly remember what it feels like? Perhaps you have never felt it? This lesson bridges that divide, and creates the possibility of intimacy, and a safe place for vulnerability that will take even the best of relationships, to a new level of closeness, acceptance, and beauty. It will end the dynamic that has kept you apart, and remove the wedge from your heart and your relationship, so that you can heal and fully accept your feelings.

  • Skill-Discover how to create “the caress of two souls,” by differentiating between shame and guilt and freeing yourself to follow your conscience.

Lesson 15

A Game of Intimacy, Soul to Soul, Rules 1-3

The game of intimacy is designed to make relating FUN. This is not mars and venus, or games of distrust. This is a WIN/WIN game in which you both know the rules, you choose to follow them, and as a result you can become the the players you have always wanted to be. Imagine the difference between receiving coaching from a little league baseball volunteer, and a professional in the Major Leagues. Learn to play full out in your relationship, and get professional at having fun!

  • Skill- Uncover the power of creating conscious and intentional agreements, and how to use their structure to build deeper into Intimacy, Teamwork, and Fun.

Lesson 16

A Game of Intimacy, Soul to Soul, Rules 3-6

Explore the fourth, fifth and sixth rules or agreements in the Game of Intimacy. Learn how to create a context in which vulnerable sharing becomes welcome and transformative. Get excited about raising your level of game play, and shining like an MVP!

  • Skill- Discover the three levels of opening yourself in intimacy to your partner.
    Recognize how all 6 rules work together to create the “soul to soul” effect in partnerships.

Lesson 17

Artistry In Intimacy, “Cleaning The Glass.”

Do you have years of disappointment between you and your partner? Are you stuck between hopefulness that you can both do this, and a deep resignation from all of the unmet expectations? This is a step by step process for surgically removing those stories from your relationship, and creating new stories in which agreements and expectations are safe and positive. This lesson is CRITICAL for any relationship that is on the rocks, filled with resentment, and ready to crack. This perspective and tool will change your relationship forever.

  • Skill-How to expertly unwind multiple levels of “withholds” you have with your partner, or your partner might have with you.

Lesson 18

Love: Falling in, Being in, and Telling Your Love Story.

Do you desperately want love, but find yourself feeling like it would be easier to leave, then get what you want? Do you repeat the same issues over and over again in your relationships? Are you feeling stressed because “it” is happening again, and you don’t feel that you can control it? Are you aware that you are going to lose the person you love, if you cannot change, or if they do not change? Learn a simple and revealing understanding of what Love IS. Realize that Love is a moving target. Learn how to track it and hit it.

  • Skill- Learn how to tell a 5-dimensional love story that will lead you to keep falling deeper into love.

Lesson 19

Red Zone Practices-Resolving the Drama and Getting off the Hamster Wheel

Learn some Red Zone secrets for what to do when you are so emotionally triggered that, even though you have the skills, you can’t seem to use them. Learn the difference between Experiencing and Expressing our emotions versus Reacting and Enacting them. Discover the power of having a chosen story you can call on when times are tough.

  • Skill- psycho-geography – including body/mind resets, “The Directors Chat,” and “A Soliloquy Space” as real-time tools you can use in the middle of a blow-up.
  • Lesson 20

    The Five Keys of Thriving Partnership

    Integrate the core ideas of the course step-by-step through the lesson in the exercises. Weave the principles from each lesson into a powerful tapestry uniting the Five Keys of Thriving Partnership to guide you deeper Into Love, Intimacy, Teamwork, and Fun. This lesson is a 60 min. refresher so that you can find best bang for your buck ideas on how to make your relationship thrive even more today.

    • Skill- Integration of previous 19 skills into a mental framework that will give your brain “easy access” to the information that you will need in the future to succeed ongoingly.

    Mastering The Dance of Advanced Romance

    Lesson 21

    Getting Good at the Dance of Romance

    Have you ever had a truly romantic experience? Do you crave the joy that comes from deep desire to feel YES? This lesson is to assist you in understanding the cause and effect side of the romance coin, or the two-step dance of romance. We will revisit the critical nature of love stories in creating a thriving partnership.

    • Skill- How to systematically make your partner’s dreams come true, while having them make yours come true.

    Lesson 22

    The Power of Polarity: Leveraging the Masculine/Feminine Dynamic

    Clarify and use the differences between masculine and feminine, man and woman, to intensify emotional fulfillment in partnership. Discover the core wound of the masculine and feminine, as well as their core openings, and how you can work with them to avoid the traps and realize what’s possible in romance

    • Skill- Master Both sides of the Cause and Effect Coin of Romance. Learn the 2-step Dance of Romance.

    Lesson 23

    The Three Faces of Masculine/Feminine Romance

    Learn the importance of honoring the needs of all three faces of the masculine and feminine character. Discover The Princess, The Queen, and The Goddess, as well as The Hero, The King, and The Master. Balance and develop your capacities to support and be supported in each of your roles.

    • Skill- The Masculine/Feminine Spiral of Romance. Leveraging the Man’s desire to Win and the Woman’s desire to Be Won.

    Lesson 24

    Passionate, Satisfying, and Transcendent Sex

    Is your experience in the bedroom…luke warm? Stone cold? Boring? Tentative? Do you want it to be orgasmic, transcendent, and inspiring? Do you want to feel turned on and tuned in? Do you feel timid about asking for what you want, and need? This lesson is about advanced tips for advanced lovers and creating the experience that you always dreamed of in your sexual expression, experience and connection.

  • Skill- Recognize and overcome the most important obstacle to sexual fulfillment.
  • Skill- Leverage the power of feedback and feedforward spirals.
  • Skill- Understand the value of taboos, role-play, and sexual exploration.
  • Creating Thriving Partnerships: An Advanced Course for Relationship Success

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