Lesson 10 – Exercise

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Your Task: Listen to this exercise and follow all instructions. You'll want something to capture your thoughts (journal, text file, etc.)

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The Problems are the Solution

Exercise Questions

Choose a mid-level issue in your partnership in which you had an emotional response.
(15 seconds)

Review the issue. What are the facts? What is your complaint?
(30 seconds)

What are the emotions in this issue? What did you feel and what are you feeling as you think about it?
(30 Seconds)

Revisit your emotions bit by bit to discover which parts are more primary emotions and which are more self-righteousness
(60 Seconds)

What do the emotions motivate you to do?
(30 Seconds)

What is the message of the emotion?
(30 Seconds)

What is the boundary that emotion is protecting?
(30 Seconds)

What is the higher intention of that boundary? What is that boundary in service of?
(30 Seconds)

Is this boundary an unconscious implicit expectation, or a conscious explicit agreement? Does your partner understand this boundary in the way that you do?
(30 Seconds)

How can you honor this boundary in your partnership? What could your partner do or not do to honor it?
(30 Seconds)

Repeat this exercise with another issue.

Special Audio:

This is a short version of the Lesson 10 Exercise that you can revisit at anytime to work through present challenges.

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