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The 5 Keys of Thriving Partnership

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The 5 Keys of Thriving Partnership

Exercise Questions:

Take a moment to remember just what it felt like to really enjoy being with your partner. Just choose one time where you actually had fun with your partner and let’s take a little bit of time to remember what that felt like.

So take 10 seconds look back into that brain of yours and think of a single specific time you had fun with your partner.
(10 Seconds)

Let’s begin by getting back into the experience of that you can feel it.

Let’s take 15 seconds and I just want you to remember where you were what you are doing and the body posture that you were in when you are having fun.
(15 Seconds)

Now take another 15 seconds just to go back and we feel what it actually felt like in your body at that time.

See what you are seeing here what you are hearing and read the way you were breathing as best you can.
(15 Seconds)

So much so that let’s have you remember other experiences you had fun with your partner.

You know we she just really enjoyed being with them and doing something with them whatever it was, again 10 seconds to come up with another experience of fun go excellent and again, where were you.

What were you doing what was your body posture like and what did it feel like go back and relive that experience for 15 seconds.
(15 Seconds)

The easier it is to remember and the easier it is to remember it the more fun you have and yes I am going to say it the more the more so this time I want you to remember three more experiences wanted a time 10 seconds each where were you.

What were you doing and how did it feel real quick.

Just relive that 30 seconds total 10 seconds each memory get ready, get set, go and move onto the next memory and again on to the next memory all right now.
(30 Seconds)

take 30 seconds and write down some ideas that you been thinking about average you been thinking about on about how you can bring a little joy and humor and happiness to your partnership and him.

I have several ideas or one big idea with details whatever it is take 30 seconds and write them down.
(30 Seconds)

Now I want you actually plan to make one of those events happened it doesn’t need to be some big elaborate thing but then would you do it.

How it should fit in your schedule what would it take actually make that happen take 15 seconds and write down a rough sketch for realistic plan to make that happen.
(15 Seconds)

What’s the quality of partnership in teamwork that you really want to have with them.

Again, be on the daily concerns and issues that you’re caught up in currently what’s the kind of partnership that you would like to have if you had a magic wand and you could just make it be that way.

How would you like to be take 30 seconds and put some words to what that might be like for you.
(30 Seconds)

What do you want for yourself and for the partnership through having that that’s even deeper and even more important, what is it that that teamwork makes possible.

Again take 30 seconds and put some words to this.
(30 Seconds)

What does that make possible for you and for your partner and for the partnership what is it that you really want through that teamwork.

Again take 30 seconds and put some words to this.
(30 Seconds)

Now let me ask you, if you really have that even deeper experience. If you’re really feel that how it already feeling that God made you act towards your partner and had that even deeper experience how which you think about them.

How which feel towards them.

What is it that you want them to know that you want to communicate to them so that they really got it take 15 seconds and just feel that and think about that.

How do you really want to be with your partner 15 seconds.
(15 Seconds)

What is it that the teamwork makes possible and again yes of course intimacy in depth involves sharing your vulnerable truth feeling understood and feeling accepted and discovering your partners vulnerable truth then having them feel understood and accepted absolutely and yes creating agreements that facilitate that in the form of rules or however you want to do it is certainly of valuable if not crucial step to make it happen.

But I mean beyond the structures are ideas that were talking about why do you care what the experience of all of that is ultimately in service of for you.

I mean, let’s say that you got what it is that you really wanted from your partnership what is it that you experience.

Let’s take 30 seconds and just feel our way into that question, let’s go into the experience beyond the words and allow some words to bubble up in the face of it, whatever they are take 30 seconds to explore whatever that is.
(30 Seconds)

let’s take 30 seconds and just consider are you open right now to unleash your hearts desire just a little bit more are you willing to risk wanting what it is you want and feeling vulnerable in that way to create the possibility of actually having it.
(30 Seconds)

The question becomes what he didn’t do with that how you can that translate that into some type of action that makes an actual difference in your life in your partnership.

Again, let’s take 30 seconds and write down something that you’re going to do to bring this insight into your actuality to take responsibility for using your reason to shape reality 30 seconds how you can use this.
(30 Seconds)

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