Lesson 23 Exercise

The Three Faces of Masculine and Feminine Romance

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In Lesson 23, I outlined three flavors of attention that build romance for the feminine:

The Princess seeks adoration,
The Queen seeks reverence and
The Goddess seeks worship

I also outlined three flavors of approval that build romance for the masculine:

The Hero seeks appreciation,
The King seeks respect and
The Maestro seeks trust

Exercise Questions

Take 30 seconds and just imagine ways that you can demonstrate your adoration for your Princess. How can you show her that you’re putting her first and investing your time and energy and courage into making her dreams come true? How can you make her feel adored?

And if you’re a woman, write down some things he could do that would prove to you that he’s demonstrating that. 30 seconds

Take 30 seconds and imagine appreciating him for the heroic things that he’s doing in a way that he feels like he’s being appreciated. Allow yourself to accept the gifts that he’s giving and express your appreciation to him, even if he’s got a long way to go.

So, what are some things he’s doing right and heroically and how can you express that to him in a way that he feels your appreciation.
30 seconds

Take 30 seconds and imagine being at cause for giving her reverent attention and providing her with what she wants and needs preferably BEFORE she asked for it. Imagine exercising that muscle.
30 seconds

Let’s take 30 seconds and have you imagine offering your Queen a menu of choices, and then paying very close attention to her responses. Could be about dinner or nice activities or what you’re going to do over a weekend.

Don’t stress about it. The truth is: Any menu is better than no menu.
30 seconds

Take 30 seconds and think of all the little points that you can give your man, your King, so that he feels competent and powerful and respected by you.

What are some things he’s doing right that you can give him points for?  And how can you give him those points in a way that makes him feel like he’s a good boy?
30 seconds

Take 30 seconds and think of some times when you’re able to read your woman’s nonverbal responses and guess what is that she really wanted. In my experience, all men have these kind of experiences. They just haven’t necessarily thought of them this way.

Where have you been tuned in to what your woman wants in a way, that you can offer it to her before she asks? Take 30 seconds and think about those kinds of experiences.
30 Seconds

Take another 30 seconds and imagine getting really good at reading your partner. Imagine putting your full skillful attention on her in a way that encourages her to blossom. Take 30 seconds and imagine this.
30 Seconds

Take 30 seconds and imagine trusting your partner so much that you can tell him the truth about what you like and what you don’t like, real-time.

Imagine that he has your best interest at heart and that he wants to and is capable of learning how to unlock your secrets. How might you go about demonstrating that kind of trust in him?
30 seconds

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