Lesson 5 – Exercise

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The Three Spheres of Thriving Partnerships

Presence – being present to reality – conscious
available to experience experience.

where can you take the most ground towards shared objective partnership?

represence top person – do this exercise with them

(about 1.5 minutes)

Examine each relationship through the lens of the 3 spheres of true partnership

Blue Sphere what do you believe is happening – what is your personal reality –

(1 min)

red sphere- completely separate from you what do you think they believe is happening – what’s the story they would tell? – note – almost always a positive/forgiving story

(about 1.5 minutes)

Purple Slice – where do y’all agree – where do you disagree?

(about 1.5 minutes)

Now – bring in Yellow – what are the facts of the matter, of the case?

Are you focused on reality – discovering reality – investigating – sleuthing? or on the story?

(about 1.5 minutes)

Orange – notice/recognize that there are places where they disagree with you, and they are right.

(about 1.5 minutes)

It is good for your thriving to leverage those

also places they disagree with you where they are wrong.

It is good for thriving to
1) verify you are understanding the accurately

2) check your logic/evaluation with them to get agreement that they are wrong.

Blue places you disagree with them and you are wrong

What might those be?

Apologize if you were a jerk around those things.

Green and places you disagree with them and you are right –

You already know that one like the back of your hand Bbest of the set, most likely.

Purple – where do you agree – but you are both delusional

Hard to tell – your big “check” is in on the game.

Stay alert – reality is your friend.

vs. where are you focused on reality

Shared understanding

Power to create

True synergy

Special Audio:

This is a short version of the Lesson 5 Exercise that you can revisit at any time to work through present challenges.

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