Mark Michael Lewis on Appreciation

A 14-part Interview by Alyson Schwab

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Mark Michael Lewis

Mark Michael Lewis

Alyson Schwabe

In this interview, Mark and Alyson talk about the nature and power of appreciation from Mark’s point of view and how appreciation is relevant in male/female relationships*.

*Mark speaks about appreciation this conversation in terms of man and woman for convenience. We invite you to substitute masculine for man or “top” and feminine for woman or “bottom.” The insights work across the lgbt spectrum.

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1. How would you define appreciation?


2. How does a man get in touch with this appreciation if he is not already?


3. Can you describe what appreciation is in action, relationally speaking.


4. What if you’re with a woman who has a hard time receiving?


5. Do you believe there are levels of appreciation, and if you do, can you describe what they are?


6. What is the next level of appreciation?


7. Mark’s Jedi-level dating advice for men.


8. How is appreciation different than curiosity?


9. How do you teach appreciation?


10. Do you think men and women give and receive appreciation differently?


11. Do you believe the most profound appreciations are the ones where we have the most wounding?


12. What is the difference between an intellectual understanding and an embodied understanding of appreciation?


13. Was there a moment in our life that stands out as really groundbreaking for you?


14. When you were first learning about the concept of appreciation, what were your experiences? What were your first steps?


Alyson Schwabe is a therapist and relationship coach and has been in the mental health and human services field since 1996

Alyson’s theory and application are rooted in gestalt, developmental, energetic, and somatic psychologies, while her central philosophies are aligned with integral theory, human potential, and consciousness development.