The Course – A Lesson by Lesson Breakdown:

Section 1 – The Choice To Move From Suffering To Synergy

Lesson 1

The most important choice you’ll ever make in partnership

  • Clarity is power. Clarity is also peace and persuasiveness.
  • When you know what you really want, saying yes and saying no become simple and even expressions of who you are.
  • In this lesson, you learn to master the power of what, the power of how, the power of why, and power of will.
  • Get the power to look your partner in the eyes and tell them the truth in a way that makes them want to go deeper with you with you.

Lesson 2

Moving From Right/Wrong To Right/Right Relating

  • Learn to recognize and bypass the single most destructive dynamic in all of human relationships: The Victim Self-Righteousness Dynamic.
  • There is a simple but profound understanding that transforms how you will deal with relationships from here on out.
  • Discover it. Learn it. Integrate it. A new world of relating and partnership awaits. It’s time.

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Lesson 3

Presuming Positive Intention

  • Our subconscious habits in communication can be like sand in the gears of the engine of partnership.
  • As you acknowledge and appreciate the power of what is not said, you multiply the effectiveness of all of your other communication.
  • Bring out the best in your partner and set the stage for a truly rewarding conversation each step of the way.

Lesson 4

The Synergy Process: Creating Win-Win Agreements

  • Learn the most powerful and effective communication skill in existence for turning conflict into cooperation.
  • Move beyond win lose agreements and compromise, and explore the world of win-win synergy.
  • When you can learn to get what you really want, in a way that your partner gets what they really want, while letting go of the form in which you originally thought you wanted it, you gain true power in partnership.

Section 2 – The First Three Keys Of Thriving Partnership

Lesson 5

Reality: The Three Spheres of Thriving Partnerships – Conscious Relating

  • The relationship between reality, what you think reality is, and what your partner thinks reality is, holds the potential for tremendous joy and happiness, but also pain and suffering.
  • Learn a simple and profound model to give you insight into these fundamental issues at the heart of all partnership.
  • In the process discover the difference between pseudo-intimacy and true intimacy, especially how you can systematically create it.

Lesson 6

Reason: Empowering and Inspiring Stories – Intentional Relating

  • Identify the key leverage point of creating empowering and inspiring partnerships.
  • Your mind has a profound impact on how you feel, what you want, and how you experience your partnership. Partnership is a game played first between the ears.
  • As we move from Unconscious Implicit Expectations to Conscious Explicit Agreements, a new world of possibility comes into view.
  • As you discern which stories bring out your and your partner’s best in partnership, you free yourself to be yourself with your partner.

Lesson 7

Responsibility, Integrity, and Authenticity

  • Responsibility is your primary access to power, teamwork, and intimacy in partnership.
  • We honor our integrity by taking responsibility for it and bringing our authentic truth to our partner in a partnership.
    The more you understand when to bring your Me, and when to bring your mask That to your partnerships, the more graceful your dance becomes.
  • As you relax into the insights of this lesson, you act with greater precision in service of what truly matters to you and what will create beauty for your partnership.

Lesson 8

Honoring the Integrity of the ‘I’, the ‘You’ and the ‘Us’

  • How do you honor your own experience while also honoring your partners, and honoring the partnership as a whole.
  • How do you draw the line between what you want what your partner wants, and how can you alter both what you want and what your partner without sacrificing one another to each other what a partnership?
  • Learn to give yourself permission to want and achieve your deepest desires in partnership.

Lesson 9

The Journey to Interdependence

  • Learn to recognize various flavors of dependence, and what they are telling you about what you really want and need – especially how you can ship them into interdependence.
  • Realize the nature and power independence and its relationship with authenticity, integrity, and responsibility, and set the stage for synergy, interdependence, and true partnership.

Section 3: The Fourth Key Of Respect

Lesson 10

Problems Are The Solution: Boundaries, Emotions and Agreements.

  • The experience sharing one’s heart and values with another can be sometimes become painful and feel treacherous.
  • Learn how to translate you are most important and personal wants and needs into agreements win win remix with your partner to get better through time.
  • Understand the value and power of your emotions to clarify and honor your deepest values.

Lesson 11

The Yes DEAR Process And The Declare Step

  • Relationships are generally pretty easy until and unless you have conflict.
  • The art of Creating Thriving Partnerships requires that you become extraordinary at conflict into cooperation.
  • Learn the attitude and the first step of the process by which you can turn emotional conflict in disagreement into foundation of a deeper partnership true partnership.

Lesson 12

The Yes D.E.A.R Process – Explore, Amends, and Recommit/Renegotiate

  • The more we learn to welcome our emotions and our partners emotions into the partnership, the more they can guide us to truly synergistic agreements.
  • As we complete the five step communication process by which we turn conflict into the Gateway For Love, we free ourselves to evolve our partnership through time to express our highest values with increasing depth.

Lesson 13

Artistry In The Yes D.E.A.R Process

  • Now it’s time to bring everything we’ve learned thus far to task in creating thriving partnerships.
  • Leverage the Yes D.E.A.R. process with skill and grace through five tools for artistry in Conversations of Respect with our partner.
  • Discover the most appropriate relationship to argument in your partnership, explore multidimensionality, and learn “The Coaching,” I will give you whenever you face a challenge in your partnership.

Section 4: The Fifth Key Of Realization

Lesson 14

Realization– The Cycle of Intimacy and the Dance of Vulnerability.

  • Learn what intimacy is, and how you can how to systematically build intimacy (In 3 easy steps) through the “Cycle of Realization.”
  • Open yourself to the power of vulnerability and how to foster it and bring it to your partnership.
  • Discover how to create “the caress of two souls,” by differentiating between shame and guilt and freeing yourself to follow your conscience.

Lesson 15

A Game of Intimacy, Soul to Soul, Rules 1-3

  • Uncover the power of creating conscious and intentional agreements, and how to use their structure to build deeper into Intimacy, Teamwork, and Fun.
  • Explore the first three rules of The Game of Intimacy, and understand the power in all relationships of respect.
  • Get some on the ground experience of what it’s like to follow your desire I’d I and soul to soul with your partner.

Lesson 16

A Game of Intimacy, Soul to Soul, Rules 3-6

  • Explore the fourth, fifth and sixth rules or agreements in the Game of Intimacy.
  • Learn how to create a context in which vulnerable sharing becomes welcome and transformative.
  • Discover the three levels of opening yourself in intimacy to your partner.
  • Recognize how all 6 rules work together to create the “soul to soul” effect in partnerships.

Lesson 17

Artistry In Intimacy, “Cleaning The Glass.”

  • Deepen our understanding of realization through intimacy.
  • Learn about the tool for artistry called “Cleaning the Class”
  • How to expertly unwind multiple levels of “withholds” you have with your partner, or your partner might have with you.

Lesson 18

Love: Falling in, Being in, and Telling Your Love Story.

  • Learn a simple and revealing understanding of what Love IS.
  • Realize that Love is a moving target. Learn how to track it and hit it.
  • Learn how to tell a 5-dimensional love story that will lead you to keep falling deeper into love.

Section 5: Red Zone Practices and 5 Keys Integration

Lesson 19

Red Zone Practices-Resolving the Drama and Getting off the Hamster Wheel

  • Learn some Red Zone secrets for what to do when you are so emotionally triggered that, even though you have the skills, you can’t seem to use them.
  • Learn the difference between experience and Expressing Our Emotions Versus Reacting and Enacting them.
  • Discover the power of having a chosen story you can call on when times are tough.
  • Learn some psycho-geography including “the directors chat” and “A soliloquy space”

Lesson 20

The Five Keys of Thriving Partnership

  • Integrate the core ideas of the course step-by-step through the lesson in the exercises.
  • Weave the principles from each lesson into a powerful tapestry uniting the Five Keys of Thriving Partnership to guide you deeper Into Love, Intimacy, Teamwork, and Fun.
  • Have a 30 to 60 min. refresher so that you can find best bang for your buck ideas on how to make your relationship thrive even more today.

Section 6. Mastering The Dance of Advanced Romance

Lesson 21

Getting Good at the Dance of Romance

  • Understanding the cause and effect side of the romance coin, or the two-step dance romance.
  • The critical nature of love stories in creating a thriving partnership.
  • How to systematically make your partner’s dreams come true, while having them make yours come true.

Lesson 22

The Power of Polarity: Leveraging the Masculine/Feminine Dynamic

  • Clarify and use the differences between masculine and feminine, man and woman, to intensify emotional fulfillment in partnership.
  • Discover the core wound of the masculine and feminine, as well as their core openings, and how you can work with them to avoid the traps and realize what’s possible in romance

Lesson 23

The Three Faces of Masculine/Feminine Romance

  • Learn the importance of honoring the needs of all three faces of the masculine and feminine character.
  • Discover The Princess, The Queen, and The Goddess, as well as The Hero, The King, and The Sage.
  • Balance and develop your capacities to support and be supported in each of your roles.

Lesson 24

Passionate, Satisfying, and Transcendent Sex

  • Recognize and overcome the most important obstacle to sexual fulfillment.
  • Leverage the power of feedback and feedforward spirals.
  • Understand the value of taboos, role-play, and sexual exploration.
  • Advanced tips for advanced lovers.