Lesson 13 – Artistry in the Yes D.E.A.R. Process

Artistry in the Yes D.E.A.R. Conversation

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Your Task: Listen to this audio and take notes on key points and insights, then proceed to Exercise 13
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In this session, you will:

  • Learn how to put to use everything we have learned so far…with artistry.
  • Leverage the Yes D.E.A.R. process with skill and grace.
  • Learn 5 Tools for artistry.

First Tool (or rule for artistry)

Honor the partnership as you are getting information. Honor your partner as a human being first and treat them with respect and courtesy—Mental understanding and comprehension second.

Be careful not to get lost in victim/self-righteousness. Don’t use this Yes D.E.A.R. Process as a reason to be an ass to your partner.

Connect around the motivation of an emotion before you try to get the message behind the emotion.

Second Tool

Recognize that arguing is a losing move. Winning the argument = losing the battle for thriving and connection.

Third Tool

Recognize that everything in your partnership, every event or experience, or emotion is multidimensional.

Acknowledge and articulate and honor each dimension.

Fourth Tool

Honor the spirit of the agreements that you make as well is the letter.

Because our agreements are only as good as the language that they’re in, a very smart artistry move in your partnership is to always try to understand and honor the spirit of the agreement not just the letter of the agreement.

Fifth Tool

We’ll explore the fifth tool for artistry which I simply call, ‘The coaching’ in the exercise for this session.

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