Lesson 17 – Artistry in Intimacy

Artistry in Intimacy, "Cleaning the Glass"

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Your Task: Listen to this audio and take notes on key points and insights, then proceed to Exercise 17
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In this session, you will:

  • Deepen our understanding of realization through intimacy.
  • Learn about the skill in CTP artistry called “Cleaning the Class”
  • How to expertly unwind “withholds” you have with your partner.

In Lesson 17 we learn new skills for artistry in playing The Game of Intimacy. Cleaning the Glass offers a view and a method for getting real about how we are showing up with our partner in relationship and a path for leading us to transparency and intimacy.

5 Psychological Short-Circuits of not sharing what is on the glass

  • We are no longer present with our partner, we are present with our psychological BS
  • We pretend that we think or feel or desire something that we actually don’t.
  • Everything associated with it gets tainted by choosing not to share
  • Stuff on the glass not only contaminates everything that it touches, but also everything that thing touches.
  • We justify that we have things on the glass.

Cleaning the Glass” is especially valuable for couples playing the Game of Intimacy together.

Here is a review of the rules of The game of Intimacy for your quick reference:

The Game of Intimacy

  • Rule 1: I will do what I want to do.
  • Rule 2: I will not do what I don’t want to do.
  • Rule 3: I will honor our agreements and emotions by using the Yes DEAR process to resolve emotional upsets.
  • Rule 4: I will honor the privacy of what my partner shares with me.
  • Rule 5: I will understand and accept my partner(no shaming)
  • Rule 6: I will share my vulnerable truth with my partner.(No Hiding)
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