Lesson 19 Exercise

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Red Zone Practices

Exercise Questions:

Practice “Shaking it out.” If you’re sitting down stand up, and then simply shake out every part of your body for 2 to 3 seconds.

Try it again, but turn it up a couple notches. Get how full engagement in this really can change your state.
(15 Seconds)

Stretch and prepare for 5 seconds, then run in place or other vigorous exercise to energize your body. Get winded. Do this vigorously.
(30 Seconds)

Practice controlling your breathing. Try breathing in and out as hard as you can for 7-10 seconds, then take 3-4 deep long breaths, breathing in and out slowly and relaxed.
(30 Seconds)

Take a moment and imagine if you were to bring the optimal thriving story that was built in reality and use our best reason and took responsibility and demonstrated respect so that you could realize what’s possible that would be like? How would you think and feel and what would you want IF you have that optimal story?

Imagine what it would be like if you really had that story.
(30 Seconds)

Imagine that optimal state again but this time I want you to notice some things about it. How are you breathing when you’re in that optimal state that optimal story? What’s your posture like? what’s your internal voice tone like? What your belief or certainty that you’re headed towards a future of thriving that’s hopeful?
(30 Seconds)

Combine it with the movement exercises we were doing earlier to show you how it actually plays out when you want to use this with artistry and grace.

Think about a situation where you were starting to get emotionally upset with your partner about something so the we can practice interrupting that state and bringing in the optimal story. A 3-4 on a scale of 1-10.
(15 seconds)

So we’re going to shake it out and then take on the physiology take on that optimal story and she’ll have a fit together. Stand up shake it out for 2 -4 seconds, then sit back down and get back into that optimal state bringing back your breathing bringing back your posture bringing back your voice tone and bringing back the vision of the future.
(30 seconds)

Imagine first interrupting your state and shaking it out taking on the optimal story and then inviting your partner into a right-right, win-win, Yes D.E.A.R. conversation.
(30 seconds)

Imagine that you’re upset with your partner. You recognize that it is too intense.
Imagine interrupting your pattern getting your head back and calling for a Director’s Chat.

(30 seconds)

If changing your own state and inviting your partner into a better state is enough to give you breathing space so that you could really hear your partner–instead of calling for a Director’s Chat you could offer them a Soliloquy Space.

Imagine offering your partner Soliloquy Space.
(30 Seconds)

Now imagine that you’re actually going to interrupt your state invite your partner into a partnership state and then assuming that they have the capacity, request that they hold the soliloquy space for you.

Imagine your partner offering you a Soliloquy Space.
(30 seconds)

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