Lesson 24 Exercise

Passionate, Satisfying and Transcendent Sex

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Exercise Questions:

Imagine how you would use your volume and the pitch of your voice and the speed at which you’re vocalizing to communicate to your partner, “Yes, I like that. Do that more” by only using the words “Ah-uh” and “Yes”.
(10 Seconds)

Imagine how you would communicate more and more pleasure using your volume through a moan.
(15 Seconds)

Use a series of words, three or four times, switching words with each one, and play with it by combining words with your volume, pitch and speed.
(15 Seconds)

If you are to get special permission for a weekend or for an evening to just do anything you wanted to literally unleash your passion and your fantasy and your creativity, what are the bold and the naughty things you might want to do or characters you might want to play or things that you might want to feel?
(30 Seconds)

What are some fantasies that you might want to play out with your partner? Perhaps, they’re the classic student-teacher, cop-convict, boss-secretary, stranger-prostitute variety or perhaps at something from your personal history that no one else might understand, but would actually be quite titillating for you.
(30 Seconds)

What’s the quality of sex that you’d like to be having with your partner? What kind of satisfaction do you want to feel from your sex?
(30 Seconds)

Think about really abandoning ourselves to that experience of pleasure and sharing that nearly overwhelming sensation with our partner in a way that they can really see and feel us feeling it.
(30 Seconds)

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