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Creating Thriving Partnerships is set up in 24 short (~30 minutes) lessons, each with an accompanying (~30 minute) exercise.

You can get the IDEAS from the full program by just listening to the lessons, but to INTEGRATE them into your real-world life, you will need to actively listen to each lesson (take notes) and participate fully in each exercise.  

In other words, 2 hours per week, for 12 weeks.

(Note from Mark: I HIGHLY encourage listening to each lesson twice in a row. The first time familiarizes you with the concepts, the second time locks them in.)

There are also various “bonus” lessons throughout the course. These are optional. They often place the lesson in a historical/philosophical context, and help you integrate the work into a larger world view. Enjoy at your leisure.

Lesson 1 is available to you as soon as you register for the course.

New lessons will be released on tuesday and friday for the next 12 weeks, taking you through the entire journey towards new ways of relating in all areas of you life. You can see links to all lessons available in the sidebar to the right side of most pages.

We also have a lively discussion area where other members of the course are talking to each other and getting answers from Mark on the finer points of each lesson. Access the Discussion group here. Ask Mark your tough questions – we love helping directly with the issues you are facing!

If you have any questions throughout this course, feel free to email us at anytime: [email protected]

The easiest way to listen to the lessons, is in your browser with the audio player at the top of each page.

Near the top of each Lesson and Exercise page, you will see several icons.

is the link to download an m4a version of the lesson/exercise, ideal for iPhones and iPads. Right-click/Ctrl-click to save the file.

is the link to download an mp3 version of the lesson/exercise. Right-click/Ctrl-click to save the file.

is the link to download an PDF transcript of the lesson/exercise. Right-click/Ctrl-click to save the file or simply click to view the PDF.

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