S2S Lesson 4 – The Synergy Process

The Synergy Process - Creating Win/Win Agreements

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Your Task: Listen to this audio and take notes on key points and insights, then proceed to Exercise 4
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Now that we have learned the essential distinctions of Right/Right thinking and Presuming Positive Intention, we are ready to effectively practice in relationship and introduce you to The Synergy Process, an incredibly powerful tool to create thriving partnerships.

In this lesson, we will learn the Synergy Process, the relationship tool to systematically turn conflict into greater connection.

This is the practical expression of Right/Right thinking and presuming positive intention.

Learn to create synergy where most people create resentment and resignation.

Systematically use our differences as an opportunity to build partnerships.

Change the way we think about the issue instead of falling back into the old Win-lose, lose-win, lose-lose outcomes.

Shift the focus from what we want, to the reason why we want something.

“What do you want through having X”

When we reveal the higher purpose for each person, we get a much wider range of opportunities to find win-win outcomes.

The Synergy Process

  1. Affirm each persons right to want whatever they want. (establish context)
  2. Presuppose positive intention and ask the higher purpose question. (what do you want this for?)
  3. Find creative solutions to address the higher purpose even if it does not result in the person getting their original desire.

Listen to Lesson 4, and get this distinction in much greater detail, then proceed to Exercise 4

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