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Have you ever been there?

Do you and your partner fall into the same patterns when conflicts arise?

Richard and Claire are not that out of the ordinary. In fact, I see similar patterns over and over in my clients.

The strategy of shut down, close off, don’t provoke, and protect vulnerability happens all the time and is totally understandable response to relationship challenges.

In the face of that strategy, turning up volume, fighting for respect of boundaries, avoiding deeper feelings, and self doubt also make sense as habitual, protective strategies.

But is there another option?

Is there a way we could see these conflicts that would shine the light on our habitual patterns and give us greater choice in how we respond to conflict that might lead to use getting what we really want in the first place?

Honoring Yourself—Taking responsibility for your own integrity will do just that.

You do not need your partners permission to think what you think, feel what you feel and want what you want.

The 3rd key in the 5 Keys for Thriving Partnership is called simply, Responsibility and states that YOU are the one who must give yourself permission to be who you are.

It may sounds simple, and it can be, but it may also take practice. This subtle shift can make a world of difference.

When you have already given yourself this permission, there is no need to be defensive with your partner. The more permission we can give ourselves, the more permission we can give to our partner.

Honoring and speaking authentically about what we think, and feel and want liberates our energy to focus on actually getting these things in our partnership.

Responsibility is all about cultivating an “us”
so that the “I” and the “you” THRIVE!

The 5 Keys to Thriving Partnership?

As a foundation for understanding how to address the biggest relationship challenges, I outline 5 essential keys for understanding, that act as a framework for Creating Thriving Partnerships.

These 5 Keys build upon each other, leading to the love, intimacy, teamwork and fun of truly thriving partnerships.

You’ll learn more about The 5 Keys and how they work together in the following videos.