What is The Most Destructive Pattern
in all Relationships?

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Does your most important relationship sometimes feel like its just one continuous argument..with breaks?

John and Mary’s story is all too common.

We all bring our own unique “rulebooks” into our relationships. We have rules about how we should act, how our partner should be, and what a good relationship should look like.

The Victim/Self-Righteousness Dynamic

When these rules are broken by our partner, whether they are conscious of this or not, we can feel like a victim of their transgression and become self-righteous in our opposition.

The problem with this dynamic is that it is the perfect condition for building resentment.

When this resentment builds, and the Victim/Self-Righteousness war wages on, does anyone ever win?

This dynamic is at the heart of nearly every relationship challenge we face.

The better we get at recognizing and resolving this dynamic, the more intimacy, teamwork and fun we can create in our lives.

Right/Wrong vs. Right/RIGHT thinking

If we want to get out of the Victim/Self-Righteousness dynamic, we need to make the shift from Right/Wrong to Right/Right thinking.

With Right/Right thinking, we give each person the right, to have their own rules and their own rulebooks. Since this is already happening,it only makes sense to get in alignment with this truth.

This shift the conversation from “who’s rulebook is going to rule the day” to “what are your rules, what are my rules, and how can we work together.”

Instead of having right/wrong arguments, start co-creating right/right and win/win agreements that can honors the values of both partners.

Respect – This simple key will help take your differences and bring them together in win/win thriving.

The 5 Keys to Thriving Partnership?

As a foundation for understanding how to address the biggest relationship challenges, I outline 5 essential keys for understanding, that act as a framework for Creating Thriving Partnerships.

These 5 Keys build upon each other, leading to the love, intimacy, teamwork and fun of truly thriving partnerships.

You’ll learn more about The 5 Keys and how they work together in the following videos.