You can move from suffering to synergy
in your relationship

Creating Thriving Partnerships: Suffering to Synergy

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Many people think that if your relationship is not working it means something must be wrong. Wrong with you, wrong with your partner or wrong with the relationship itself.

What if this is not the right partner for me?

What if this relationship is just too far gone?


What if the issue were a little bit deeper than that?

A Thriving relationship is not some kind of lucky miracle, it is the result of mastering a set of fundamental skills. This Suffering To Synergy course gives you the most important of these skills in simple, straight-forward, and entertaining lessons. Then, it gives you step-by-step exercises to apply the tools in your real-world relationship to experience new levels of intimacy, teamwork and fun with your partner.

Relationship is less something you have, and more something you can do…and you can learn to do it very well. It is a choice you make on a daily basis, literally, minute by minute.

This brief, 4 lesson course, will fundamentally change your current thinking patterns that are not working for you, and replace them with the skills you need to Thrive.

With these 4 practical tools for relationship mastery…

you will have the choice to interrupt conditioned ways of being that have not been getting you (or your partner) what you want, and choose new, more productive and rewarding ways that will lead you to truly thriving in your partnership.

What exactly is Creating Thriving Partnerships: Suffering to Synergy?

You have just listened to Lesson 1 of the 4 essential lessons to Creating Thriving Partnerships. If you like the course so far, the next three lessons will help you create immediate and lasting changes in your relationship and your life. Here is an outline of what the course looks like:

The Level 1 Course – A Lesson by Lesson Breakdown:

Lesson 1

The Master Choice and how to make this course work.

  • Learn the 4 Fundamental Tools to create what you want.
  • Learn the 4 Keys to Staying in the game.

Lesson 2

The single most destructive pattern in relationships.

  • Learn what this is, how to notice it, and what to do about it.
  • Explore getting inside the pattern and unraveling its power over your relationship.

Lesson 3

The how of Right/Right Thinking in relationships

  • How to free yourself from getting triggered by your partner.
  • The most practical relationship tool – Presuming Positive Intention
  • Right/Wrong vs Right/Right

Lesson 4

The Synergy Process

  • Actively turning Suffering to Synergy
  • Learn the practical expression of Right/Right thinking and presuming positive intention.
  • Learn to create synergy where most people create resentment and resignation.
  • Systematically use your differences as an opportunity to build partnerships.
  • Change the way we think about the issue instead of falling back into the old Win-lose, lose-win, lose-lose outcomes.
  • Shift the focus from what we want, to the reason why we want something

From Mark Michael Lewis, Relationship Expert, Thriving partnerships creator, author, coach and mentor of Thriving Partnerships Masters.

Mark Michael Lewis

Hear what three average, everyday people who care about relationships have to say.

When they started, they found themselves in a place where they did not know how to get what they really wanted in partnership. But when they applied these powerful techniques, here’s what happened:

My wife and I took the CTP course in a time when we both knew that we wanted change in our relationship. We had fundamental ways of settling conflict with each other that really didn’t work for either of us and didn’t allow us to have the relationship that we wanted. I had a tendency in arguments to feel blamed and then want to withdraw until the argument blew over. The end result was that I was feeling resentful of not getting my needs met in relationship and my wife has shared with me that she felt the same.

What I am learning in the CTP course impacts me in a way that I have found that I can trust that my partner can really see and understand me if I take the time to really see and understand her first. This has been a difficult process for us both but we now see new ways of being that enrich how we show up together. The first lessons sparked up more arguments than usual in our relationship as we unburied needs that we both had, but the resolution of those arguments came quicker than ever and ended up with us both feeling closer to each other. As we go further into the program, our arguments are shorter, fewer and we are learning that they are a sign to evolve our agreements together. I fear arguments less and now see them as a deep opportunity to engage in creating the relationship that I want.

Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist
Boulder, CO

I have been faced with some very tough challenges in the past month. I handled them with with poise, making dramatically better choices today compared to last year. It is amazing to me how many skills and how much consciousness I have developed through working with Mark.
When I contrast my current capacity with when I started working with Mark, I am amazed by what I can handle and what I can acheive in my life. The trajectory and momentum on so many core dimensions of my life have changed for the better. I feel profound gratitude for your work. It is mind blowing. Thank you Mark.

Ronn Soukotta
CEO Fingo LLC.

Thriving Partnerships is an important and powerful course. It asks profound questions and offers crucial insights into relationship and our role in it. I found myself examining behaviors and patterns of mine that I didn’t realize were holding me back in relationship, and noticing thoughts and beliefs that were limiting me. Even after the first lesson or two, I found myself working with conflict in my relationships in a new and healthier way, getting better results. I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in deepening their relationships and increasing their ability to communicate successfully.

Rachel Leber
Elementary School Teacher, Prenatal Yoga Teacher
and Specialty Baker
Boulder, CO

Now, compare their results to the common excuses I hear everyday:

  • My relationship is different, we have been together for a long time and their is just too much stuff built up.
  • I’m up for this, I just don’t think my partner will be able to change.
  • This sounds great, but I don’t think an online course can handle our issues…They are just too big.
  • I just don’t see a way that this relationship can ever get better.

What is the difference between the people quoted above and the people who let these excuses keep them where they are?

The second group is still suffering. Maybe in that same troubled relationship, maybe repeating the pattern in the next relationship…and on and on and on.

They let the resignation they were feeling in their relationship dictate how they are going to live their entire lives. They accepted that the happiness, fulfillment, and synergy they had once dreamed of, had somehow slipped through their fingers and would never be theirs to enjoy.

But the first group — the thrivers — made a different choice. They decided to take a stand and stop the cycle of resentment, resignation and unhappiness in relationships…cold. Right now.

They made one, simple choice that set them on a path that would change their relational lives forever, and they are loving the results.

Which group do you resonate the most with?

CTP: Suffering to Synergy will help you:

  • Resolve challenges suffering in your relationships
  • Deepen experience of love, intimacy, depth
  • Experience easier, more fun, more functional relationships with friends, family, colleagues and especially your romantic partners.


  • A free Lesson from the next course in this series, Creating Thriving Partnerships: The Five Master Keys that will show you how to combine the lessons with artistry for greater impact in your relationship.

Creating Thriving Partnerships: Suffering to Synergy

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S2S is loaded with lessons for new understanding, exercises to help you practice and really ground these new ideas, support forums where you can get answers to specific issues in your unique relationship, and access to a community of people committed to relationship mastery.

These 4 lessons are the foundation that will profoundly shift your understanding of your relationship and lay the groundwork for you to get what you really want. Happiness, Intimacy, Teamwork, Fun.