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An Engaging 12 Week Web Course for Establishing Lasting Intimacy and Powerful Results in any Relationship

Would you like…

  • To take your existing relationships to a level of intimacy you never before thought possible?
  • A step-by-step process to resolve conflict and create truly win-win solutions?
  • A framework for deeper intimacy in all of your relationships?
  • Real, on-the-ground practices to evolve your relationships smoothly and reliably
  • A support group to help you learn and practice new ways of being in relationship with others

…then you will love
Creating Thriving Partnerships: Love, Intimacy, and Teamwork.

An Advanced Course

Creating Thriving Partnerships is an advanced, comprehensive online learning course that gives you the power to create lasting intimacy and skillful results in all of your relationships.

Creating Thriving Partnerships will empower you and call you forth to a higher level in the relationships that matter most to you, whether romantic, professional or familial.

This course will gently push your edges, in the best possible ways. It will take you beyond what you already know, in a way that leverages your existing skills.

This course will help you:

  • Resolve challenges and suffering in your relationships
  • Deepen your experience of love, intimacy, depth
  • Feel more ease, more fun, more functional with friends, family, work
  • Create powerful partnerships to accomplish ambitious goals

What Does It Mean To Create Thriving Partnerships

Partnership is the whole to which each participant contributes their part. To partner with someone is to work together with them as part of that greater whole, where we each do our part to make that whole and its parts thrive.

Thriving is growth. Thriving is the action of realizing your potential becoming more of what you can be.

Creating has two central meanings:
1. Proactively causing a result in reality through our action.
2. Intentionally imagining new possibilities through our thinking.

So, Creating Thriving Partnerships means:

  • To intentionally imagine new possibilities for depth and beauty in service of a whole greater than ourselves, and
  • To proactively do our part to cause those possibilities to become reality in action.

A Course Sample: 5 KEYS or Dimensions to creating Thriving partnership

The 5 Keys are also the 5 R’s:

  • Conscious Relating – Reality – real-world relationships
  • Intentional Relating – Reason – understanding and skill
  • Authentic Relating – Responsibility – to honor your integrity, Honoring I and YOU and US
  • Evolving Relating – Respect – Synergy DEAR process — conflict to cooperation
  • Intimate Relating – Realization – love intimacy and depth

The finer details about the course:

Creating Thriving Partnerships is truly an advanced course in relationship mastery. This 12 week guided program will help you see inside the complex dynamics already at play in your romantic and professional relationships and give you the tools and practices to unravel the destructive pieces, while strengthening the areas of mutual thriving.

Audio Lessons—Each of the 24 lessons contains user friendly audio content in multiple formats to meet your busy lifestyle. Listen from your laptop, iPhone or other mobile device. See Course Outline Here.

Audio Exercises—Each of the 24 exercise sessions come with an accompanying audio exercise to walk you step-by-step to integrate the lesson in life. It turns the theory of the lesson into practice in your real-world relationships.

Discussion Boards—An online forum where you can discuss each lesson in detail and where Mark will answer specific questions you have about the course and its application.

Bonus Audios and Videos—Mark will be offering special commentary on the philosophical and practical coaching dimensions of the various lessons which go beyond the main track of the course. If you want to dig deeper and reach higher, there be much brain candy here.

Your Commitment:

2 Hours a week for 12 weeks.

That’s it.

In 12 weeks, if you follow the course as recommended and are not enjoying significantly deeper, more rewarding relationships, we’ll simply give you a full refund. (Mark also suggests you be checked for a pulse).

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