The Suffering to Synergy Course provides a framework for right right-thinking and win-win agreements. It offers you an attitude of approaching your relationships, a nonverbal communication technique, and it tool to build partnership in the face of conflict.
The question becomes, how do you use that tool, and why does it work? How do you build agreements that actually work to make you happier with your partner, individually and as a partnership?
This brings us to the five keys of thriving partnership and the heart of the course in lessons 5-20. The Five Keys to Thriving Partnership are, surprisingly enough, exactly what they say they are. Each one opens a door or turns on an engine so that you can get better and better at creating partnerships that thrive. They take you beyond techniques into understanding so that you have a structure by which to handle any relationship issue, and the skills by which to improvise an increasingly beautiful experience.
REALITY helps you focus your attention on those parts of your partnership that are going to give you the biggest bang for your buck, the things that really matter.
REASON helps you use your mind constructively to make your relationship increasingly powerful and increasingly beautiful, and helps you avoid the mental loops that lead relationships off-track.
RESPONSIBILITY gets you clear about what will actually make you personally happy, how you can honor your authentic truth in partnership, and the power you have to create the partnership that you really want.
RESPECT gives you both a profound understanding about how to resolve conflict, and a step-by-step process to turn conflict into partnership. This is where the heavy lifting in your relationship happens, and where you actually create the partnership that’s a filter desires.
REALIZATION guides you into deeper connection and intimacy, as well as higher pleasures and celebration with your partner. It taps you into the wellspring of love and discovery and purpose and fulfillment in your life and in your relationship.
This central part of the course it gives you these five keys and shows you how to use them together to create the thriving partnership that you want.
The final four lessons explore sex and romance and masculine/feminine dynamics. We put these at the end because until you learn the five keys of thriving partnership, learning these techniques often leads people to objectify their partner and miss out on the kind of partnership they want. The five keys give you the insight and the tools to build a true partnership. The insights on sex and romance and masculine feminine adds spice to the meal and level upon level of artistry to the game. First, learn the basics of thriving partnership. Then, surf the wild and wonderful energies of passion. The more, the more.