The Creating Thriving Partnerships Course

Do you want Teamwork, Intimacy, and Fun in your Relationship?

Would you like…

  • To know that you have a rock solid set of skills to make relationships work, regardless of your relationship status?
  • Confidence that you are competent in resolving conflict and creating win/win solutions?
  • To take your existing relationships to a level of intimacy you never before thought possible?
  • Tools that you can use in any relationship (business, as a parent, with extended family and with friends) that allow you to be a more authentic, integrated, and comfortable human being to relate with?
  • Real, on-the-ground practices to evolve your relationships smoothly and reliably?
  • Coaching specific to your relationship, that will fast track your experience from Suffering to Synergy?

…then you will love
Creating Thriving Partnerships: An Advanced Course in Relationship Success.

Creating Thriving Partnerships is an advanced, comprehensive online learning course (with the option of 1 on 1 coaching), that gives you the power to create lasting intimacy and skillful results in all of your relationships.

Creating Thriving Partnerships will empower you and call you forth to a higher level in the relationships that matter most to you, whether romantic, professional or familial.

This course will gently push your edges, in the best possible ways. It will take you beyond what you already know, in a way that leverages your existing skills.

The finer details about the course:

Creating Thriving Partnerships is truly an advanced course in relationship mastery. There is a 4 week introductory course called Suffering to Synergy. This introductory course is designed to triage the existing issues in your relationship, and stop the bleeding if you are in a relationship that is spiraling downward quickly. If you are interested in this course to prevent negative patterns from re-emerging, this course will establish the basics that you will need in every relationship you are in for the rest of your life.

Audio Lessons—Each of the 24 lessons contains 30 minutes of user friendly audio content in multiple formats to meet your busy lifestyle. Listen from your laptop, iPhone or other mobile device.

Audio Exercises—Each of the 24 exercise sessions are 30 minutes of deeper insights into the topic, paired with short answer questions designed to integrate the lesson in your life. It turns the theory of the lesson into practice in your real-world relationships.

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