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The Story Series gives you a look inside the lives
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surviving to thriving,
…and they’re happier, having more fun together,
and literally having more sex.

If you remember Casey from the early episodes of The New Man, you may relate to his story and how he has changed his relationship life forever by learning the CTP lessons.

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Why take a course on Relationship?

Casey Capshaw

I am Casey Capshaw.You might recognize my name from early episodes of The New Man Podcast. I helped create TNM with Tripp because I had been studying personal development and spirituality for years, but nothing had “rung my bell” like the experiences I had in men’s specific group work.

I have spent the last four years following that rabbit hole and peeling away layer upon layer of delusion, armoring and bullshit to free myself up to experience love, career success and happiness.

Awesome stuff and I have grown tremendously from it. In fact, I thought I had things pretty figured out when it came to women and relationships. I even wrote about it and got published in a book for women.

Then the bottom dropped out. The woman I loved and was set to spend the rest of my life with broke off our engagement and left me with pretty much no reason to explain why.

I was devastated.

There was no small amount of irony in this. I had learned about the masculine/feminine dynamic. I went through and then helped to facilitate the Authentic Man Program. I studied non-violent communication. I was showing up with my heart wide-open. How could this have happened, given all that I had done and how I was showing up?

It was about that time I met Mark Michael Lewis at an authentic relating event…

Mark Michael Lewis

Mark blew me away with his insights on some of my frustrations and confusions around my ex,starting with how we had both shown up in our relationship. His expertise and insight ran so deeply it seemed to me he had reverse engineered human relationships and was letting me see the secret blueprints.

I couldn’t believe the pure, practical genius of what he kept revealing to me, and I have see a LOT of theories and techniques on this stuff over the years, from Robert Masters to David Deida to Ken Wilber.

Marks work starts with the practical, boots on the ground skills to cultivate, not simply surviving, but thriving relationships. He lays these practical skills into an elegant, systematic framework that reveals how and why all this stuff fits together. Once I really got this map, and learned the skills to navigate the territory, I felt like I finally had discovered a system to give me a real head start on getting it right in relationship with women.

I kept hearing myself saying:

“I wish I had known that 6 months ago.”
“I wish I would have tried that when things got rough.”
“I wish I had known this then…”

It is out of this desire to have had the special playbook when the big game was on (instead of after my team was in the locker room bandaging their wounds) that I am sharing this important information with you. It has, literally, changed my life for the better. I am confident you will see similar results if you take the time to learn what Mark has to offer.

I partnered with Mark to create the most comprehensive online learning course on how to not just survive, but to thrive in relationship with a woman.

I am incredibly pleased with the result and have been using these tools to come out of the other side of the most painful relationship breakup of my life and literally create amazing new relationships with women that I would have never thought possible before.

While I am still healing the wounds of the collapse of my engagement, I have emerged stronger and far wiser than I was before, due to the insights and practicality of what I have learned.

Getting This foundational toolset under your belt will give you courage and confidence to get the relationship you always knew you wanted, or to amp up your existing relationship to something that is beyond anything you hoped was possible.

Those of you that know me know that integrity and honesty matter above all else to me. So when I say that this is something every man needs to have, you’ll know I’m not bullshitting.

You need to have this in your life.

Do yourself and your partner (current or future) a favor, and check it out for yourself.

Casey Capshaw
CTP Producer and Resilient Romantic