Mistake #2

Thinking that Great Sex is All About Technique

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SOLUTION #2 – 4 Tips to Stronger Orgasms in 6 minutes

90% of sex is 50% mental - Yogini Berry

90% of sex is 50% mental – Yogini Berry

Well, maybe that quote is a joke – but its sentiment is right-on.

If you talk with women about their intimate sexual experiences (a nice bonus of being in my line of work), one of the first things they’ll tell you that most men are basically clueless about how to pleasure a woman, and even the ones with some game become predictable (and hence boring) sooner rather than later.

But most women will never tell their partner about their dissatisfaction!

They will tell their girlfriends – and their co-workers (and even their hairdresser!), but they will almost never tell the man. It’s too uncomfortable and dangerous. One, because they don’t know how to train a man to learn their body. Two, because they might bruise his fragile sexual confidence (which is all too true).

The unfortunate truth is:

    Most men are either focused on their own pleasure during sex, leaving the woman as an object on the ride of his physical satisfaction; or
    They are focused on trying to give the woman pleasure by using some sexual technique, turning her in to the object on the ride of their ego-satisfaction.

Then, even if she is has the occasional orgasm,
the fact that she feels like an object
disconnects her from her passion and her partner.

Over time (sometimes blindingly fast, sometimes deadeningly slow), she steadily gives up trying to open herself to the man, retreating more and more into her own internal, isolated world, losing contact with her lush and fertile vitality. This leaves her (and him) feeling fundamentally empty and unsatisfied, sewing the seeds of dissatisfaction and complaint.

Now, don’t get me wrong – a good technique can multiply the satisfaction that you can produce in a woman, and you ought to learn a variety of them! (I teach quite a few of them myself 🙂 )

However, when a man uses a technique ON a woman, his attention typically gets caught up in the technique and gets distracted from the woman’s response –

which is where all the action and all the traction for passion is!

When a man loses focus on the one thing that matters for great sex – his real-time responses to the real-time responses of the woman – He fractures the feedback and feed-forward loops that leverage OK sex into Passionate, Fulfilling, and Transcendent Sex!

Not only does he fall far short of the pleasure that is sitting there, just waiting for him to show up – he also loses the profound connection and depth that comes when he can use a woman’s please to lead her PAST HER OWN DEFENSES into the inner chamber of her ecstatic self.

So, while technique is important, the mindset of PRESENCE you bring to sex is where the real action is.

Deep Sex is about seeing and listening and feeling her response to your touch – and surfing it like a wave

… constantly responding to her response in a spiral of discovery, a dance of pleasure. With each stimulus you provide, her response guides your next stimulus, provoking her next response … The more you bring your full attention to this back and forth, this push and pull, the more your pleasure and hers blend into a movement that goes beyond either one of you – with the play itself inspiring your creativity like an artist of pleasure, in the flow of genius…

If you get your attitude right, you will be able to use your techniques more effectively, while going beyond what mere techniques can ever offer.

You will co-discover your own personal and custom pleasure tricks with her, and have more fun, intimacy, and connection than you can imagine – until you experience it – and then go deeper – but only forever…

The key is to focus your attention on the dance of how you feel as you feel her response to you.

So, as a fun way to integrate these ideas with practical sexual tips, I want to give you an audio, as my gift, “4 tips to stronger orgasms and better sex in 6 minutes” that I cut out of the “Passionate, Satisfying, and Transcendent Sex” lesson of my Advanced-Romance.com course. Use them to Feel DEEPLY into your self and your partner, and ride the spiral ride of passion!

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