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video #2 – facing the facts and kicking ass.

Never doubt – you are meant to have a kick-ass relationships that inspires you.

You are built for Love passion intimacy fun teamwork ease joy …

these are your birthright – you are meant for them

Don’t miss out! Do not let the good stuff pass you by! And do not settle for anything less– especially in the name of cluelessness.

It would be a crime to let the love of your life slip through your fingers.

I mean, you used to be passionately in love, right? Do you miss the love and ease and passion that you had the beginning of your relationship?.  What happened? More importantly, how can you get it back?

Here is the bad news:

You gotta Face the facts: Your relationship sucks compared to how great it could be – and you know it.

And it isn’t going to get any better unless you step up your game.

And it gets worse, because – your relationship skills equally suck, and you know it – and make sad, lame excuses about it.

But here’s the thing: It’s really not your fault –

There’s nothing wrong with you – you’re just clueless. But that is to be expected.

The truth is that the world of relationships has gotten far more difficult  – we are in a crazy time.

On the one hand, we expect more from our relationships than our grandparents could even imagine.

They wanted to keep the family together long enough to have grandchildren.
We want love, and teamwork, and intimacy, and passionate sex with our eternal soulmate.

The (somewhat minor) challenge is that we were never taught how to create thriving partnerships in times of such tumultuous change.

However, Ignorance is no excuse, and hope won’t bring you love. You need to know what works to make her open her heart and her legs to you.

And the fact that you are largely guessing about what will work – sucks.

Now, don’t get me wrong

she problably ain’t no princess of perfection herself
In fact, I would probably sympathize with you about what a bitch she is over a couple beers.

But let’s get serious here – you don’t get to change her – you only get to change yourself.

I mean, unless she does a course like this – what are the changes you want on her own?
Survey says – EEEhhhhh! Zero
That’s right – do not pass go, do not collect $200.

It would be a shame for you to miss out on what could be the best years of your life in your relationship – filled with the love and passion and fun that you were meant to have.

So – Here is the Good news!

You haven’t lost her – YET. Don’t give up hope.

With my help, you can figure out why and wow your relationship is headed for failure, then turn it around and put it on course to love teamwork and fun.

You can get a clue in your relationships! – see through the fog and create the love, Intimacy, and passionate sex you want !

You can Avoid unnecessary drama & suffering to get on course to teamwork and fun.

You can step up your game and create the relationship you really want.

The issues that are your biggest problems now can become your deepest bonds of partnership and love.

I will teach you Unfair techniques to outclass your competition, multiply your satisfaction, and experience the intimacy and partnership you really want.

But let’s be honest – It ain’t gonna fix itself – If you don’t get a clue – You are headed for disaster pain suffering resentment resignation divorce breakup

Stop fooling yourself.. Don’t let the love of your life slip through your fingers.

Face reality head on and with good cheer.

You Can learn a system that multiplies your thriving exponentially

unless you are an idiot, I’ll show you how to open her heart and her legs for the best years of your life

Deep meaningful fulfilling intimate spiritual soulmate heart-opening legs opening soul to soul

ever-increasing satisfaction with a woman you love.

Great sex, Easy teamwork, & profound intimacy arts going to just fall in your lap.

You need to get good at the things that create them.

Stop hoping and praying, and start creating the love and passion and fund you want

Don’t just weather the storms in your relationship, use their power to sail into the sunset

It doesn’t need to be hard! In fact, it’s easy when you use these five keys to intimacy, teamwork, and fun.

Five powerful keys to unlock the love and fun and teamwork you were meant to have.

The five myths that are killing your relationship, And the five Keys to make it thrive!

5 simple steps to multiply your passion and deepen your partnership with the person your love.

Fundamental – must – critical – required

The more you want to stop the bleeding and experience love, passion, fun – the good stuff – the more valuable this course will be

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