Advanced Romance Introduction and Instructions


Advanced Romance is set up in 5 short (~45 minutes) lessons, each with an accompanying (~40 minute) exercise. There are transcripts of each lesson and exercise. You can access the Lessons and Audio either through your “My Content” link in the upper right of each page – or through the drop-down menu for Advanced Romance at the top of each page.

NOTE: The lessons build on one another. I define terms in Lesson 21 that I build on in Lesson 22, and then further in Lesson 23, etc.  Listening to the lessons in order (and with focused intention) is highly recommended.

ALSO: The “Exercises” are really more Lessons – with critical material that ADDS to the Lesson and which I build on in later lessons. Go through each Exercise audio BEFORE going onto the next Lesson!

*** I encourage you to BOTH listen to the exercise AND read the transcript AT THE SAME TIME. This will assist your mind in focusing on the ideas and multiply your retention. It will give you more bang for your buck (or more meaning and power per minute, so to speak).

If your relationship romance is doing FINE and you want more LOVE than PASSION, I recommend starting with the Bonus audio first – Lesson 18 of the Creating Thriving Partnerships Course, which is entitled “Love: Falling in, Being in, And Telling Your Love Story.” It sets the stage and provides meaning/context for the Advanced Romance lessons that follow

If you want more ROMANCE and PASSION, do session 18 last. Best, do it first AND last. 🙂

If you are not sure how committed you are to MASTERING the Dance of Romance – I have included an EXTRA BONUS lesson – The Master Choice. Use this lesson to get clear why and IF you want to bother with learning this material. If you are not 100% on board – I recommend this lesson FIRST – so you can get the MOST from the Advanced Romance Course.

You can get the IDEAS from the full program by just listening to the lessons, but to INTEGRATE them into your real-world life, you will need to actively listen to each lesson (take notes) and participate fully in each exercise.

(Note from Mark: I HIGHLY encourage listening to each lesson twice in a row. The first time familiarizes you with the concepts, the second time locks them in.)

Have Fun, Sit Back, and Enjoy the Ride of Advanced Romance – Mastering the Dance of Masculine and Feminine!

If you have any questions – email me at [email protected]. I will respond in a reasonable time and perhaps even integrate your questions into a video response or teleseminar section. I am here to help you Create Thriving Partnerships!

Mark Michael Lewis.

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