Advanced Romance Course

Do you want more
Passion, Romance, Fun, and Great Sex
in your Partnership?

Here’s the good news:

You can absolutely have it! Romance (and the great sex that comes from it) is not magical or mystical – it is a skill you can learn. This course will teach you how.

Here’s the bad news:

Unless you learn how to get good at creating romance, you will most likely fail – game over, or fail – frustration, discontent, going numb, and boredom.

Seriously – Look around you. If you’re lucky, you can probably count the number of your friends with long-term romantic relationships on one hand. Meanwhile, you see the bitter casualties of “romance gone bad” everywhere you look!

At best, most couples end up being passionless friends, parents, and roommates who occasionally have sex – that isn’t much to speak of. They may even love each other out of habit, but aren’t “in love” with one another.

At worst, they come to almost hate each other. They end up bursting at the seams, or cheat, or go numb (which may be worse) or. They wish they could somehow get out of the relationship, but stay together because breaking up is even scarier. Instead, they complain and whine and blame their partner because they feel cheated of the love and romance and passion they really want.

Don’t let this be you!

The facts: Until you learn the principles, the attitudes, and the steps to creating romance, you will predictably miss out on the love you really want, and may even feel unloved and unfulfilled.

The truth is, your partner wants to fulfill your romantic desires!
they have no clue how to romance you, most everything they do naturally is wrong, and you are most likely training them to give up rather than get better at pleasing you.

It doesn’t need to be this way for you. My name is Mark Michael Lewis, and after 20 years of working with couples, I want you to know — once you discover your partner’s romantic formula, you can tap into their passionate desire to make your dreams come true, deeper and deeper, more and more, forever — And isn’t that what romance and relationship is all about?

Romance is not magic, and it goes beyond chemistry – it is cause and effect. The more you understand your partner’s romantic essence, the more you can effortlessly inspire them to give you everything you really want. You can learn to make your romantic partnership THRIVE!

The Advanced Romance course walks you step by step from fumbling in the darkness of the romantic wilderness to the bright and thriving garden of sexual satisfaction and emotional fulfillment. In 4 core lessons with exercises, (plus a bonus lesson on falling in, staying in, and deepening love), author and intimacy coach Mark Michael Lewis gives you the secrets to master the dance of romance – all built around the most important thing that your partner MUST HAVE to give you their unadulterated passion. Note, it is not what you think, in fact, it is likely the opposite!

The Advance Romance Course: Mastering The Dance of Masculine and Feminine

7+ hours of professionally edited audio, with 4 core lessons and 1 bonus lesson

(described directly below).

The finer details about the course:

The Advance Romance course is consists of five audio lessons that walk you through the essential skills you need to experience the romance and fulfillment you want.

Audio Lessons—Each of the 5 lessons contains ~5 minutes of user friendly audio content in multiple formats to meet your busy lifestyle. Listen from your laptop, smartphone, or other mobile device.

Audio Exercises—Each of the 5 exercise sessions are ~40 minutes of deeper insights into the topic, paired with short answer questions designed to integrate the lesson in your life. It turns the theory of the lesson into practice in your real-world relationships.

Lesson 1

Getting Good at the Dance of Romance

  • Understanding the cause and effect side of the romance coin, or the two-step dance romance.
  • The critical nature of love stories in creating a thriving partnership.
  • How to systematically make your partner’s dreams come true, while having them make yours come true.

Lesson 2

The Power of Polarity: Leveraging the Masculine/Feminine Dynamic

  • Clarify and use the differences between masculine and feminine, man and woman, to intensify emotional fulfillment in partnership.
  • Discover the core wound of the masculine and feminine, as well as their core openings, and how you can work with them to avoid the traps and realize what’s possible in romance

Lesson 3

The Three Faces of Masculine/Feminine Romance

  • Learn the importance of honoring the needs of all three faces of the masculine and feminine character.
  • Discover The Princess, The Queen, and The Goddess, as well as The Hero, The King, and The Maestro.
  • Balance and develop your capacities to support and be supported in each of your roles.

Lesson 4

Passionate, Satisfying, and Transcendent Sex

  • Recognize and overcome the most important obstacle to sexual fulfillment.
  • Leverage the power of feedback and feedforward spirals.
  • Understand the value of taboos, role-play, and sexual exploration.
  • Advanced tips for advanced lovers.

Plus! A Bonus Lesson from the Creating Thriving Partnerships course:

Lesson 18

Love: Falling in, Being in, and Telling Your Love Story.

Do you desperately want love, but find yourself feeling like it would be easier to leave, then get what you want? Do you repeat the same issues over and over again in your relationships? Are you feeling stressed because “it” is happening again, and you don’t feel that you can control it? Are you aware that you are going to lose your deep connection with your partner if you cannot change, or if they do not change? Learn a simple and revealing understanding of what Love IS. Realize that Love is a moving target. Learn how to track it and hit it.

  • Skill- Learn how to tell yourself and your partner a love story that will lead you to keep falling deeper into love.
  • Leverage the power of Reality, Reason, Responsibility, Respect, and Realization in your partnership.


Creating Thriving Partnerships: Advanced Romance

Lessons 1-4 Plus Bonus Lesson 18!

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