If you are not ecstatic in your relationship, you’re doing it wrong!

Headline placement : Clear Path to Easy Relationships with Hot Sex.

What do you want in your partnership?


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What I will offer unless you are an idiot, I can show you how to open her heart and her legs for the best years of your life

ever-increasing satisfaction with a woman you love.


These are the same insights and skills that allowed me to OPENLY have more than a dozen lovers at the same time – sometimes bringing 5 or more of them to the same party- together – as a group.

And, these are the techniques I used to create a decade long (so far) loving, Easy, and passionate relationship with the woman who I chose to make my wife.

These are the ideas learned and used by hundreds of men (and women) over the last 20 years to attract and claim the woman they wanted for a both short and long-term partnership.

New or established

Fortunately, what I’m about to give you Works the same if she is giving her self fully to you for the first time, or For the 500th time

No limit how good, no limit how bad

Think about it – There is no limit to how good your relationship can get. You can always fall deeper in love, and build deeper trust, and experience a more profound and fulfilling intimacy with your partner. There is no limit to how good your relationship can get.

And, there is no limit to how bad it can get. You can always get more frustrated with your partner, experience more resentment, and anger and despair. No matter how bad it is, it can get worse.


Default is worse

And let’s be clear – your relationship is either headed for one or the other.

Relationships are organic, like a garden – if not growing, they are dying. If you don’t tend to your relationship, the weeds of daily life will take it over and the fruits your relationship used to provide in abundance will shrivel on the vine.

And, the cold hard fact is – “worse” is the predictable path for most relationships given the challenges we face in modern society.

If you don’t consciously choose to make your relationship better and create the love, passion, and teamwork you want, chances are that your relationship will get worse and worse, ending in resentment and suffering, and splitting up.

And I gotta tell you – the odds ain’t in your favor. Think about it.

Take a look around at your friends and the people you know: How many of them have thriving partnerships filled with tons of passionate love making, profound intimacy, easy teamwork, and ongoing and increasing enjoyment?

On the other hand, How many of them (after a few drinks) complain about the lack of satisfying sex, pointless fights and just-under-the-surface resentment, a deadening distance between them, and in the face of it – being resigned to a steady downhill slide into a stale but acceptable boredom?


THE CENTRAL TRUTH – Very good news – you can choose.

So – here is the simple but central truth about your relationship is this:

Wherever your relationship is right now – You get to choose which direction it goes from here. You can choose to make it better and better and better, or you can default into having it get worse and worse and worse.

Good news is – using romance to open your woman’s heart, and her legs, is not magic – it is a skill you can learn. Which means – you get to decide where it goes from here. You can choose to get good at it and reap the rewards


Will it take work? Of course!

You will need to listen to the lessons and learn the distinctions. Then listen to the exercises and apply them in the real world.Then attend the advance teleseminars to get the tips and tweaks for your particular situation.

However – You can do this. All it takes is a choice and some effort to learn.  you can learn the skills and get increasingly better results – fun, ease, sex and a woman who feeds you with her turn on and her devotion. Is it Possible. Is it possible for YOU.

Most importantly, it is worth it. it is worth whatever it takes – it is your life and happiness.


It is in your hands. Choose. Well.

What’s it worth to you

Let me ask you – What’s it worth to you to get the skills to get off the path of suffering and on the path of thriving in your partnership?

What’s at stake for you? Do you want to avoid divorce? And splitting the Kids, property, alimony? Or do you want to not screw up a good thing and lose out on the woman who should be your wife? Or do you have a business relationship or partnership where fun and ease and partnership are critical for your success or happiness?

I mean, if I am right that its your choice and I can inspire you to make choices that stop the pain and bullshit and create an ever increasing experience of love and fun and teamwork and passionate enthusiastic sex – would it be worth investing some time and energy and capital to reap the rewards? I am telling you – this is a very high ROI set of skills to invest in and develop.  There is no limit to how good it can get.

If you decide that it is worth it, Get started with the first lesson of this course.

I am not asking you to trust me. I am asking you to test me!

If the first lesson doesn’t demonstrate to you that we are on track, get your refund with my blessings. I am 100% good with that. If my style ain’t your thang – It’s all good.

And, if you hear the truth and potential in what I teach – well then – let’s make this the pivot point where you changed the direction of your romantic/intimate life forever towards the better – towards truly Thriving Partnerships!

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