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Mark Michael Lewis on The Simple Art Of Appreciation

A Interview by Alyson Schwabe

In this interview, Mark and Alyson talk about his insights into the nature and power of appreciation, and how to use it to unlock a woman’s desire for your attention. Learn the techniques that, upon hearing them, caused Alyson to exclaim that a woman who experienced that “would be your biggest fan!” Listen for the many times where Alyson gets excited by what Mark is saying – because Alyson recognizes the power his ideas have on her.

Mark Michael Lewis – The Guru of Appreciation

A Interview with Mark Michael Lewis and Decker Cunov

In this interview, Mark and Decker (and Laura) talk about the nature of appreciation and how it open’s a woman to go on the ride of seduction. Learn how Mark and Decker actually use appreciation in daily life situations, and why Mark describes facility with appreciation to be “unfair” in creating a willingness in women to play. Especially listen for the real-time step-by-step process that makes a woman hungry for more!

The AMP Holarchy and its Roots in Greek Philosophy

Casey Capshaw Interviews Mark Michael Lewis

In this 50 minute video interview, Mark and Casey talk about the 5 levels of the AMP Holarchy in terms of its roots in the 5 branches Greek philosophy and Mark’s distillation into the 5 Dimensions of Human Experience. Get a deeper understanding of the structure of Authentic Relating!

The Secrets of Enticing Women Into Polyamory – Practical Tools

A Teleseminar with Mark Michael Lewis

In this no-bullshit teleseminar, Mark will describe and answer questions about the specific, step-by-step frames he would use with potential lovers to entice them into a polyamorous relationship with him. These are the exact techniques he used to gain dozens of lovers from online matchmaking sites – including his profile tips, the initial emails, the first conversations to generate desire and introduce the idea, and some tips and tricks to manage the particular kinds of drama that a polyamorous lifestyle predictably brings.

Confronting Ultimate Intimacy

Would You Share interview with Jason Lange

In this 1-hour video interview Mark discusses practical details about how to create intimacy – in his own life and the life of his clients, INCLUDING how to overcome the dangers and challenges that intimacy typically brings. What doe it mean to be vulnerable? How can you use intimacy to deepen your self-understanding? How does the depth of your mutual trust impact all of your relationship? This is Mark at his improvisational best – summarizing multiple courses of information into a compact conversation.

Untangling Sex, Romance, and Intimacy

to Weave a Loving Partnership

In this live seminar, Mark unveils the hidden mind sets that lead us to create conflict and distance where we want synergy and love. Sex, Romance, and Intimacy are often put together into the same category – as if having one naturally led to having the others. Mark explores the separate realms that Sex, Romance, and Intimacy represent – giving each their due – then integrating them such that they multiply each other. By learning to recognize our different motivations and values, we can co-create a a harmonious balance between our values and desires.

Playful and Intimate Exploration With Women

Bryan Bayer Interviews Mark Michael Lewis

A 90 minute video Interview with Mark Michael Lewis by Bryan Bayer about practical and real-world techniques for Intimacy. Mark reveals the lessons he learned on his journey (including the years when he had multiple lovers – many of whom became friends with each other), and how he taught his clients to apply it to their monogamous relationships.

Last, we know that you have your mind and heart blown open after listening to these powerful ideas, and will likely have  personal questions about how to deal with the new opportunities they make possible. So, we will also include a video response to one of your top questions – by Mark Michael Lewis himself. Simply send in your email question, and Mark will create a video response and send you a private link to view it online. Imagine, getting your most important question personally answered, directly from the author. Mark charges $250 for 1 hour of coaching, and expects to spend about 10-15 minutes filming and posting each answer, so this is easily worth $75. It is yours free with this program.

Problems Are The Solution

An Interview with Mark Michael Lewis on the Reality Sandwich radio show

a 60 minute radio interview of Mark Michael Lewis about how to transform the conflicts in our relationships into the foundation for lasting partnerships – and idea he calls “Problems Are The Solution.”


We have created 24 worksheets for each of the exercises – read the questions as I ask them in the audio, and write your answers into your own documents – so you can keep track of your insights, plan next actions, and write down your personal answers to the questions.

We will also include the transcripts for all 24 lessons AND the 24 exercises – word for word, formatted for increased comprehension


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