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90% of your happiness as well as your frustration comes from your relationships with other people. – Brian Tracy

As we enter the 21st century, relationships are more difficult than they have ever been. People are expecting and demanding more from their relationships than ever before.  Our great grandparents were happy if they could just manage keep the family together and have grandchildren. This is not enough for us.

We Want Passion, Love, Partnership, Adventure, Discovery, And Fun.
Romance, Attention, Devotion, Kindness, And Appreciation. 

While our standards have become more demanding, our inherited communication skills come from past centuries. They don’t work to create the happiness we really want.  50% of marriages are predicted to end in divorce, and more than 50% include infidelity.

If we want to experience lasting love, we must learn new skills!

Creating Thriving Partnerships
gives us the tools and attitudes we need to create the
Love, Intimacy, and Partnership we Truly Desire

We all know that successful relationships are not built on how we look or how much money we make. Although these are helpful in getting our foot through the door, it is how we communicate who we are that creates the “chemistry” that attracts us to each other, opens our hearts, and excites our bodies.

The truth is, love comes from the soul to soul connection we make with our partner. :It is the energy that flows between us that lets us know that we are really alive and participating in the divine dance of life. Creating a loving partnership is perhaps the most rewarding experience we can have as human beings. It expresses our deepest longings and brings forth our greatest passions. As the saying goes, while love might not make the world go ’round, it is love that makes the ride worthwhile!

At the same time, many people find that love is difficult to find and keep. This journey to love is fraught with danger. As one client of mine put it, “there are so many ways that things can go wrong, I am just looking for one way to make t go right!” To navigate the rocky waters of relation”ship,” we need to learn how to use the winds to propel towards our destination. We need to transform the challenges that normally sink a relationship into the opportunities that build the foundation for love. If we can’t avoid and work through the misunderstandings that create walls between our souls, our connection dries up. The love we used to feel becomes a memory that haunts the relationship instead of fueling it.

When, on the other hand, we can look into our partner’s eyes, know that they see our real self, and light up with joy because of it, the floodgates of our heart open wide, letting intimacy, passion, and partnership flow.

We must find the keys of communication that unlock the door to our partner’s heart. When we can discover and honor their deepest values. while at the same time communicating and honoring our own, we can build a true partnership that lasts a lifetime. 

Let’s be honest here. Our romantic relationship is the heart of our lives. When it is going well, everything works better. We are happy to get up in the morning, the challenges we face are less stressful, and our home becomes a haven that recharges our emotional batteries. We know that whatever happens, we will be comforted and inspired by the love and support of our partner. When the day is over, we will end it in the embrace of their arms and with the sweetness of their lips.

On the other hand, when our romantic relationship is distant or strained, that comfort and support is nowhere to be found. Instead of a safe haven in which to regain our strength, our home becomes another source of stress. Instead of rejoicing in the presence of our beloved, we find ourselves alone, or worse yet, alone in the presence of the person we are supposed to be in love with. We might even become cynical about love and think that romance is just a fantasy made up by advertisers and Hollywood producers. Deep down though, we know that something critical is missing – something without which our lives feel fundamentally incomplete.

Fortunately, no matter how much or little love you feel in your life, if you learn the appropriate skills, you can have more of it. You really can experience the love you have always desired. It will take work, certainly. Everything worthwhile in life does! However, you can have it. You can bring new love into your life, and you can revitalize relationships in which love has died.

More importantly, you are worth it. You are worth doing whatever it takes to create the happiness you have envisioned. It is time for you to look yourself in the eyes and decide to take the next step on your journey to true fulfillment. I don’t know that this program is that next step for you. What I do know is this – if you don’t make a new choice and take a new step, your life isn’t going to change. Why not take the bull by the horns and make the decision to bring more love into your life RIGHT NOW! Your future is waiting. May you live it without regrets!

Suffering To Synergy provides the means to resolve conflict, deepen our connection, and experience the partnership we truly desire in our relating. It creates a context of honor, integrity, and mutual respect in which we can experience greater pleasure, aliveness, and FUN! The more passion, satisfaction, and fulfillment you want in your relating, the more valuable this program will be for you.

In it, you will learn how to:

    • Build the foundation for True Intimacy
    • Find the Key to open your partner’s Heart
    • Co-create agreements that fulfill your deepest values
    • Create deeper connection and understanding
    • Honor Your Boundaries while Honoring your partner’s
    • Discover the deeper values that make your partner tick
    • Recognize and overcome the attitude that kills intimacy
    • Build thriving partnerships at Work, with Family and Friends

One thing is certain: after listening to Problems Are The Solution, you will never be able to look at relating the same way again!


    • AADISK #1: Becoming Conscious of our Process

      • Discover the unconscious obstacles to partnership
      • Learn the mind set that causes the problem
      • Then learn the mind set that resolves it
      • Open your mind to the possibility of true love
      • Explore the importance of psychological boundaries
      • Honor your boundaries without crossing your partner’s boundaries
      • Examine the dynamic that kills intimacy
      • Recognize and overcome resentment and resignation


      AADISK #2: Culpability, Emotions, and Rules

      • Uncovering our Unconscious and Implicit Expectations
      • Escape the trap of Non-Judgment
      • Learn the judgments that transcend victimization
      • Discover the power of Conscious, Explicit Agreements
      • Building trust, Integrity, and mutual respect
      • Unrolling the Red Carpet of Culpability
      • Creating a Safe Space for communication
      • Setting the Stage For Intimacy and Connection
      • Learning to listen to the messages of our Emotions
      • Harnessing the energy of our Emotions to deepen partnership


      AADISK #3: The D.E.A.R. Culpability Process

      • Learn The Four Steps of the Culpability process
      • The crucial difference between broken and unspoken rules.
      • The power of Owning our Emotions and our Mistakes
      • Exploring our underlying values and deepest desires
      • Restoring the Integrity and Deepening of the container of relating
      • Using our Problems as the Solution to Open Our Hearts
      • How you can use any conflict to inspire Higher Level Play
      • Custom Designing your relating to express your Highest Values


      AADISK #4: Artistry Principles and Synergy Process

      • The practicality and glory of Good Sportspersonship
      • The difference between Seriousness and Being Responsible
      • Re-Starting the Music and Represencing the Dance
      • The one piece of Coaching that Always Sets you straight
      • Overcoming the challenge and danger of our A
      • Coverupping and “Being a Meanie
      • The Synergy Process: Negotiating Win-Win Rules
      • Synergy and RelationDancing



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