After Seduction Teleseminar Description

The Unleash Your Masculine Teleseminar Series

A Men’s Only Series of 6 Teleseminars to deepen and apply the ideas in the Advanced Romance Course

(described directly below).

Session 1

The Mindset of Masculine Mastery

  • Best Bang For Your Buck, Cost-Efficiency in Partnership
  • Earning Your All Access Pass to Her Garden of Goodies.
  • Sewing and Reaping – The Fruits of Passion.

Session 2

Romance – Your All-Access Pass To The Good Stuff

  • Explore the Nature of Romance
  • Learn the central insight and skill to systematically create romance in your partnership

Session 3

The Power of Polarity: Leveraging the Masculine/Feminine Dynamic

  • Clarify and use the differences between masculine and feminine, man and woman, to intensify emotional fulfillment in partnership.
  • Discover the core wound of the masculine and feminine, as well as their core openings, and how you can work with them to avoid the traps and realize what’s possible in romance

Session 4

Look Into the Eyes of The Three Faces of Masculine/Feminine Romance

  • Discover The Princess, The Queen, and The Goddess, as well as The Hero, The King, and The Maestro.
  • Learn Strategies to Balance and Leverage the Multiple Levels Of the Game Of Romance.

Session 5

Passionate, Satisfying, and Transcendent Sex

  • The attitude and Strategy to get more and better sexual fulfillment.
  • Your role in deepening your feedback and feedforward spirals.

Love – the Bonus that is the Heart of Partnership

Session 6

Love: Falling in, Being in, and Telling Your Love Story.

  • Bringing Love out of the clouds and into daily experience
  • Owning your role as Author and Authority in your Love Story.

The 6 session teleseminar series called “Unleash Your Masculine Power in Partnership” will begin Thursday January 8th at 6pm Pacific Time (9pm ET), and continue weekly each successive Thursday, (Jan 15, 22, 29, Feb 5) closing on Feb 12th – right in time for Valentine’s Day. I encourage you to use this teleseminar series as a type of New Years Resolution structure – so that you can systematically build a new foundation for Advanced Romance in 2015! Put it in your calendar now!

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