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Now you have an idea of what this work is really about.

You have heard the stories of couples, much like your own relationship, that have faced incredible challenges and learned to work with these challenges in way that resulted in both partners honoring themselves and getting more of what they want.

What do you want?

Are there areas in your relationship that seem to continually be the source of argument?

Have you simply given up trying to resolve certain issues in favor of “keeping the peace?”

Do you feel like you are in the best possible relationship you could have?

Would you like it to be different?

Intimacy, Teamwork and Fun in partnership is possible, but it’s not an accident. We literally create thriving partnerships through an ever-increasing dedication and skill.

Relationship is where the emotional action is at in our lives. The better we get at relationship, the better our lives get.

Finally, a system that takes the mystery out
of finding
long-term happiness in relationship…

I know you have seen a lot of programs that claim to help when it comes to love and relationship. Creating Thriving Partnerships is truly different.

Mark’s systematic approach to uncovering and unraveling the secrets to awesome intimate partnerships is now yours for the taking.

You can take advantage of this newly created, online version of the full course and practice and master these principles, from the comfort of your own home.

In just 2 hours per week, over 12 weeks, these 24 simple and effective lessons will guide you to Thrive in your partnerships. Let Mark reveal the secrets to getting what you really want in relationship.

An Advanced Course

Creating Thriving Partnerships is an advanced, comprehensive online learning course that gives you the power to create lasting intimacy and skillful results in all of your relationships.

This 12-week course will empower you and call you forth to a higher level in the relationships that matter most to you, whether romantic, professional or familial.

This course will gently push your edges, in the best possible ways. It will take you beyond what you already know, in a way that leverages your existing skills.

This course will:

  • Teach you the tools to get past those “same old arguments” and recurring problems you keep seeing come up in relationship
  • Help you resolve challenges and suffering in your relationships
  • Repair the old wounds and resentments that have been building up over time
  • Deepen your experience of love, intimacy, and connection with your partner
  • Feel more ease, more fun, more functional in your relationship

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The finer details about the course:

Creating Thriving Partnerships is truly an advanced course in relationship mastery. This 12 week guided program will help you see inside the complex dynamics already at play in your romantic and professional relationships and give you the tools and practices to unravel the destructive pieces, while strengthening the areas of mutual thriving.

Audio Lessons:

Each of the 24 lessons contains user friendly audio content in multiple formats to meet your busy lifestyle. Listen from your laptop, iPhone or other mobile device. See Course Outline Here.

Audio Exercises:

Each of the 24 exercise sessions come with an accompanying audio exercise to walk you step-by-step to integrate the lesson in life. It turns the theory of the lesson into practice in your real-world relationships.

Discussion Boards:

An online forum where you can discuss each lesson in detail and where Mark will answer specific questions you have about the course and its application.

Bonus Audios and Videos:

Mark will be offering special commentary on the philosophical and practical coaching dimensions of the various lessons which go beyond the main track of the course. If you want to dig deeper and reach higher, there be much brain candy here.

Your Commitment:

2 Hours a week for 12 weeks.

That’s it.

If you want your relationship to become the relationship you always wanted, you’ll need to put in a little effort. Old patterns can take time to change, but they will change.

In 12 weeks, if you follow the course as recommended and are not enjoying significantly deeper, more rewarding relationships, we’ll simply give you a full refund. (Mark also suggests you be checked for a pulse).


If it doesn’t work for you, we’ll buy it back.

We are confident that if you learn and practice these simple and straightforward principles and apply them in you life, you will enjoy connection, freedom, and fun in your relationships in ways you have never imagined possible.

We stand behind this course as the most practical, systematic and effective method for bringing more Thriving into your life on a daily basis.

If, for any reason, this is not your experience of the course or the material, we will honor your time and effort with a full refund of the course tuition. We won’t ask questions, we’ll just do it for you.

What CTP alumni are saying…

My wife and I took the CTP course in a time when we both knew that we wanted change in our relationship. We had fundamental ways of settling conflict with each other that really didn’t work for either of us and didn’t allow us to have the relationship that we wanted. I had a tendency in arguments to feel blamed and then want to withdraw until the argument blew over. The end result was that I was feeling resentful of not getting my needs met in relationship and my wife has shared with me that she felt the same.

What I am learning in the CTP course impacts me in a way that I have found that I can trust that my partner can really see and understand me if I take the time to really see and understand her first. This has been a difficult process for us both but we now see new ways of being that enrich how we show up together. The first lessons sparked up more arguments than usual in our relationship as we unburied needs that we both had, but the resolution of those arguments came quicker than ever and ended up with us both feeling closer to each other. As we go further into the program, our arguments are shorter, fewer and we are learning that they are a sign to evolve our agreements together. I fear arguments less and now see them as a deep opportunity to engage in creating the relationship that I want.

As a health care practitioner and an acupuncturist in a busy integrative medicine clinic, I know how much that the stress of relationship can impact all aspects of our health and livelihood. I am aware that most of our models of relationship that we either grew up with or have learned by trial and error, do not create the relationship we most want to have. This is a golden chance to invest in the relationship that you most want to have and I implore you to take it.

Many blessings,

Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist
Boulder, CO

I have been faced with some very tough challenges in the past month. I handled them with with poise, making dramatically better choices today compared to last year. It is amazing to me how many skills and how much consciousness I have developed through working with Mark.
When I contrast my current capacity with when I started working with Mark, I am amazed by what I can handle and what I can acheive in my life. The trajectory and momentum on so many core dimensions of my life have changed for the better. I feel profound gratitude for your work. It is mind blowing. Thank you Mark.

Ronn Soukotta
CEO Fingo LLC.

Thriving Partnerships is an important and powerful course. It asks profound questions and offers crucial insights into relationship and our role in it. I found myself examining behaviors and patterns of mine that I didn’t realize were holding me back in relationship, and noticing thoughts and beliefs that were limiting me. Even after the first lesson or two, I found myself working with conflict in my relationships in a new and healthier way, getting better results. I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in deepening their relationships and increasing their ability to communicate successfully.

Rachel Leber
Elementary School Teacher, Prenatal Yoga Teacher
and Specialty Baker
Boulder, CO

This program is really helpful, teaching an old dog new tricks. I have been with my partner 17 years, and though we both had some education and practice in relationship and communication skills, we were lacking in many areas and had built up some deep grooves of bad habits. I am now learning to communicate in a way that I am heard and received (when things are difficult and uncomfortable) – which I have been longing for for years and feeling resentful about not experiencing. Also, the harder part- I am beginning to be able to listen and receive his message when he is upset at me., and be open to the impact of his feelings while maintaining my center. The two of us have had alot of conflict together, which had worried me a lot in the past. Now it is becoming an opportunity for us to grow closer. We building more clarity, trust, and joy together. Like Mark says, the more, the more.

Boulder, CO

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