You have made it to the heart of the course. The 5 Keys of Thriving Partnership are the meat and sauce of creating relationships that inspire you to love deeply, live passionately, and dance in the joy of partnership!

Each of these 5 keys is like a gear in an engine, or a dish in a meal. They are tasty and nutritious on their own, but they multiply their effectiveness when they are used together. Although each is profitable in and of themselves, they are part of an integrated whole and hence incomplete without the others. In fact, the more you understand one, the more you will understand the others. When they come together, they are exponentially more powerful then they are apart.

Lessons 5 and 6 – are about the first 2 Keys: REALITY and REASON – two ideas that are independent but intimately intertwined – and form the foundation for the other 3 Keys.
Lesson 7-9 – are about the third Key: RESPONSIBILITY – which is the first and forever choice you make to create the kind of Thriving Partnership you really want!

Again, you can get the IDEAS from the full program by just listening to the lessons, but to INTEGRATE them into your real-world life, you will need to actively listen to each lesson (take notes) and participate fully in each exercise.

Ideally, you will open the transcript to each lesson in Google Docs, the save your own copy so that you read through the transcript as you listen and take notes on your own insights. Feel free to stop the audio at any point to write down ideas for how to apply what you have learned. Remember, you don’t get a trophy for completing the course. It’s what you do with the ideas in your own life that matters – that is where you Thrive!

(Note from Mark: I HIGHLY encourage listening to each lesson twice in a row. The first time familiarizes you with the concepts, the second time locks them in.)

There are also various “bonus” lessons throughout the course. These are optional. They often place the lesson in a historical/philosophical context, and help you integrate the work into a larger world view. Enjoy at your leisure.

If you have any questions throughout this course, feel free to email us at anytime: [email protected]

The easiest way to listen to the lessons, is in your browser with the audio player at the top of each page.

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Lesson 1

The most important choice you’ll ever make in partnership

  • Clarity is power. Clarity is also peace and persuasiveness.
  • When you know what you really want, saying yes and saying no become simple and even expressions of who you are.
  • In this lesson, you learn to master the power of what, the power of how, the power of why, and power of will.
  • Get the power to look your partner in the eyes and tell them the truth in a way that makes them want to go deeper with you with you.

Lesson 2

Moving From Right/Wrong To Right/Right Relating

In this lesson you will learn about the single most destructive dynamic in all of human relationships, and how to identify it (in yourself, your partner, and in all of your relationships). Once you have learned it, you will be taught how to bypass it and transform how you deal with relationships permanently. This skill is essential for Thriving Partnerships, and is infinitely useful for anyone in business, who has a family, or who works with people. It is a universal relating skill.

  • Skill- The Victim Self-Righteousness Dynamic. Understand, Integrate, Transform.

Lesson 3

Presuming Positive Intention

In this lesson you will learn about the single most useful frame to approach any relationship and get positive results. This lesson is especially important for relationships in which trust and ease are no longer functioning. If you feel like you are getting the opposite of what you want from your partner, this is a tool and skill that you need to learn, to transform your experience, so that you can get what you want from your relationship.

  • Skill- Presuming Positive Intention. Transforming your expectations, and triggering positive results. (This skill is essential for building positive relationships with children, and is especially useful for parents).

Lesson 4

The Synergy Process: Creating Win-Win Agreements

This lesson addresses issues that arise when partners have a low level of skill in creating agreements. Relationships that demand compromise thereby producing unsatisfying or “losing” results for each partner will find significantly more pleasurable and successful outcomes as a result of using this tool. If agreements are either being broken, evaded, or constantly renegotiated this skill set will be invaluable for you. It is also an essential skill for parents and business people who find themselves negotiating important decisions.

  • Skill- The Synergy Process: Creating Win Win Agreements

Bonus Lesson – Lesson 13

Artistry In The Synergy/Yes D.E.A.R Process

This Bonus Lesson focuses on artistry in the Synergy process. It is also Lesson #13 in the Creating Thriving Partnerships Course, so it leverages some of the more advanced techniques of the course. It shows you how you can build and re-invigorate integrity in your agreements, understanding with your partner, and trust in the partnership.

  • Skill- Avoid the “losing move.” Multi-dimensional communication. “The Coaching” that Mark uses for EVERY relationship issue.
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