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Course 1: Suffering to Synergy

Lesson 1

The most important choice you’ll ever make in partnership

Lesson 2

Moving From Right/Wrong To Right/Right Relating

Lesson 3

Presuming Positive Intention

Lesson 4

The Synergy Process: Creating Win-Win Agreements

Course 2: Creating Thriving Partnerships

Lesson 5

Reality: The Three Spheres of Thriving Partnerships – Conscious Relating

Lesson 6

Reason: Empowering and Inspiring Stories – Intentional Relating

Lesson 7

Responsibility, Integrity, and Authenticity

Lesson 8

Honoring the Integrity of the ‘I’, the ‘You’ and the ‘Us’

Lesson 9

The Journey to Interdependence

Lesson 10

Problems Are The Solution: Boundaries, Emotions and Agreements.

Lesson 11

The Yes DEAR Process And The Declare Step

Lesson 12

The Yes D.E.A.R Process – Explore, Amends, and Recommit/Renegotiate

Lesson 13

Artistry In The Yes D.E.A.R Process

Lesson 14

Realization– The Cycle of Intimacy and the Dance of Vulnerability.

Lesson 15

A Game of Intimacy, Soul to Soul, Rules 1-3

Lesson 16

A Game of Intimacy, Soul to Soul, Rules 3-6

Lesson 17

Artistry In Intimacy, “Cleaning The Glass.”

Lesson 18

Love: Falling in, Being in, and Telling Your Love Story.

Lesson 19

Red Zone Practices-Resolving the Drama and Getting off the Hamster Wheel

Lesson 20

The Five Keys of Thriving Partnership

Course 3: Advanced Romance

Lesson 21

Getting Good at the Dance of Romance

Lesson 22

The Power of Polarity: Leveraging the Masculine/Feminine Dynamic

Lesson 23

The Three Faces of Masculine/Feminine Romance

Lesson 24

Passionate, Satisfying, and Transcendent Sex

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